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More Evidence Forthcoming on Dee Ann Warner's Disappearance -- Here's How to Stay Up to Date

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Photo courtesy of Parker Hardy.

This weekend, investigators will reveal more evidence on the case of Dee Ann Warner, a 52-year-old mother of five, who was reported missing May 25, 2021. She was last seen in her Tecumseh, Michigan residence by her husband, who claims she was sleeping on the couch when he left for work at 6 AM.

Dee’s vehicles didn’t leave the property, her bank and credit cards haven’t had any activity, and she allegedly left behind her $50,000 wedding ring. Most alarming, she didn’t take her only minor child, a 10-year-old little girl. Her nephew, Parker Hardy, told me, “She wouldn’t leave her daughter in a million years.”

In March, Billy Little, Jr., nationally recognized investigative attorney, answered Dee’s family’s call for help. He wasted no time forming a team and began interviewing witnesses, conducting drone searches, and scrutinizing documents. One member of Little’s team is Chris McDonough, retired homicide detective and behavior expert. Little and his team are investigating the disappearance free of charge. “All we want is to find the truth,” Little said in a recent interview.

On Mother’s Day, Little and McDonough disclosed shocking evidence they had collected so far on Chris McDonough’s podcast The Interview Room. This included disturbing reports of Dee’s husband, Dale Warner, putting a tracking device on her car, stalking her, and had making no effort to find his wife. Witnesses said there was a history of violence in the turbulent marriage and Dee was ready to get a divorce. If you missed it, you can view it here.

Dale and Dee Warner's home. The last place Dee was seen.Photo courtesy of the author.

The day after the Mother’s Day podcast, Little said in a press conference, “We know what happened. We know who did it.”

Now, Little and McDonough are prepared to give an update on the investigation. On Sunday, June 5, 2022, at 7 PM EST, the duo will meet again in McDonough’s The Interview Room on YouTube and give the public more information on their findings.

Hopefully, this additional evidence will lead to an arrest. Justice for Dee yard signs are seen all over the Irish Hills and the surrounding area as residents call for action. Dee’s family and friends continue praying for justice.

Little and McDonough will also share their insights on the psychological aspects that drive a person to murder. Little, former Deputy Chief Defense Counsel for the Military Commissions, handled 17 capital murder cases. He was also a criminal defense investigator for the United States Navy. McDonough, with his experience as a homicide detective and behavior expert, has interrogated and interviewed numerous perpetrators of violent crimes. “When it comes to psychology of murder, Chris and I compliment each other since we come at it from different perspectives,” Little told me.

Gregg Hardy, Dee’s brother, was visibly frustrated at a press conference last month when he said, “My message to law enforcement is please keep working. Do what you’ve done but do more. Cooperate with Billy and his team because they are all trying to do the right thing. And lastly, for the prosecutor’s office here locally: step up. Step up or get out of the way, whichever you’d like to do, but there’s been enough of this. We’ve got to go. We’ve got to get it done.”

Be sure to watch The Interview Room on YouTube this Sunday to get the latest details of the Dee Ann Warner case. What information do you want to know? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

If you have any information about Dee’s disappearance, please contact Detective Greca at (517) 264–5364.

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