Limited Edition Lucky Charms Turns Milk Green to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

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Photo via Lucky Charms Facebook page.

General Mills has released a limited-edition version of its ever-popular Lucky Charms cereal to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The magical clover marshmallow charms turn milk green. The Turn Milk Green Lucky Charms can be found nationwide at grocery stores and retailers any day now.

While what is inside the box is a special surprise, the box itself is pretty cool too. It includes instructions on how to turn the box into a leprechaun trap and there’s some exciting recipes to make homemade treats using the cereal.

Lucky Charms has been a beloved breakfast cereal for over 50 years. It contains gluten free, crunchy, whole grain oats and colorful marshmallows that bring the fun back to breakfast.

The mascot is Lucky, a leprechaun, who lives in a magical forest somewhere over a rainbow. Lucky’s father gave him eight magical charms to carry with him as he headed out to bring magic to the “real world.” The charms would protect Lucky throughout his travels. As his legend grew, children longed for Lucky’s magical charms. Lucky would play hide and seek with them as he discovered and lost his charms over and over again.

Each of the eight marshmallows in the original Lucky Charms has a special power. You can make breakfast more exciting by teaching your children about Lucky’s marshmallow magic!
Photo via Lucky Charms Facebook page.

Heart Charm: This pink favorite brings life to inanimate objects. It can make Lucky’s spoon talk and his bowl walk. It livens up his day!

Star Charm: When Lucky has to make a fast getaway, he hops on the shooting star and soars over the moon.

Horseshoe Charm: This charm gives Lucky the power of speed. With the horseshoe, he is never late and wins every race!

Clover Charm: The clover brings Lucky lots o’ luck! When he finds himself in a jamb, he uses the clover to find a way out!

Blue Moon Charm: Lucky is invisible with the blue moon. The precocious leprechaun can be extra sneaky when playing hide and seek with the children!

Unicorn Charm: The unicorn is Lucky’s friend who brings color to the world.

Rainbow Charm: This colorful charm allows Lucky to teleport from place to place.

Red Balloon Charm: When Lucky needs to pick up something heavy, the red balloon makes it light as air.

Lucky Charms has been sparking the imagination of children for decades with its fanciful charms and yummy frosted oats. The Turn Milk Green limited-edition Lucky Charms is sure to delight leprechaun lovers of all ages!

If you enjoy Lucky Charms, which charm is your favorite? Mine will always be the heart!

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