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Local Author Speaks at Brooklyn Library to Show Scientific Evidence God Exists

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Unfair things happen every day. It can make the faithful flounder and cement the skepticism of non-believers. Local author, Eugene Hausmann, has the answers we all want. And need.

Perhaps you lost a loved one far too soon or received a cancer diagnosis in the prime of your life. Worse, your child falls victim to a deadly illness. Maybe, through no fault of your own, you’ve been eliminated from your job and find yourself in a dire financial crisis. Or you watch the news and learn of atrocious crimes committed against innocents. Your heart hurts. Questions race through your mind as anger builds.

How could God have allowed this to happen?

Isn’t He supposed to be fair, just, and loving?

Why are good people suffering?

Has He forgotten about His faithful servants?

Does God even exist?

If this scenario sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. Eugene Hausmann, author of JOBE SYNDROME and Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God and Evil, calls it “Jobe Syndrome.” According to Hausmann, it’s okay to be angry with God. It can be part of the healing process.

On Wednesday, January 19, 2022, Hausmann will be at the Brooklyn Library at 5 PM to discuss Jobe Syndrome and share the latest scientific evidence showing God not only exists, but cares about us. After years of extensive research, Hausmann defends his argument in an understandable, non-technical way.
Hausmann's book cover.Photo courtesy of the author.

A man of science, Hausmann was licensed in 1972 by the State of Michigan to teach Science and Chemistry. Yet, he challenges outdated philosophies and theories. As more and more scientists admit there are holes in Darwin’s evolution theory, Hausmann states Intelligent Design is the missing link in evolution theory.

Hausmann invites agnostics and atheists to consider the possibility of a Supreme Being. For believers, he hopes to strengthen their faith and give them the tools to teach others. He also wants people to look at suffering from and different perspective and begin to heal from wavering spiritual health and emotional pain.

Hausmann earned a BA in Theology and Chemistry from Notre Dame University, an MA from the Catholic Theological Union of Chicago, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Ecumenical Theological Seminary of Detroit. In 2000, he became an ordained deacon in the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan.

If you have questions about the existence of God, be sure to get to the Brooklyn Library located at 207 N. Main Street, Brooklyn, Michigan tonight at 5 PM. Hausmann welcomes people to voice their uncertainty and looks forward to a meaningful discussion on the latest scientific evidence God exists. If you can’t make it, you can still buy the book here

Hausmann and Jean, his wife of 40 years, reside in Jackson, Michigan.

If you are going to hear Eugene Hausmann speak at the library, what questions would you like answered? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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