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Let Smith's Honey of Jackson, Michigan Add Some Sweetness to Your Life!

Tracy Stengel

Stephanie Smith at the Onsted Festival.Photo courtesy of the author.

Hey, honey lovers in the Jackson, Michigan area! Smith’s Honey is your go-to place for that liquid gold!

Eddie and Stephanie Smith began beekeeping as a hobby. When Eddie’s co-worker asked if he could put a hive on their property, they said, “Why not?”

That hive didn’t do so well, but Eddie’s interest was piqued. After extensive research, he started his own hive the next year. Again … the hive failed.

“We realized this wasn’t a set it and forget it hobby. After all, beekeepers literally micro-manage Mother Nature,” Stephanie told me.

A tornado of bees!Photo courtesy of Stephanie Smith.

The following year, on Mother’s Day, Stephanie’s friend called her in a bit of a panic. Bees were swarming and slamming into her home. Eddie and Stephanie went out there and set up a trap. When Stephanie saw the tornado of bees, she became fascinated. After that, along with Eddie, she was hooked.

Now they manage 28 hives with two off-site locations. “Eddie is the muscle,” she said. 
 “He is the one who regularly checks on the hives.”

Turns out, Stephanie is allergic and gets weekly bee venom injections from her allergist. Yet, her passion for bees remains strong. “Even though our suits are triple-layered, I still get stung once in a while. Their stinger can go through leather gloves, so I double up,” Stephanie said. “Unlike other bees, honeybees have a hook on the end of the stinger. Instead of pinching and pulling it out like I would do with other stings, I flick the barb out.”

Eddie and Stephanie Smith wearing their bee suits.Photo courtesy of Stephanie Smith.

Smith’s Honey offers several products. The crowd-favorite that really has folks buzzing is the Bourbon Barrel Aged Honey. It doesn’t have any alcohol, but the honey leeches the vanilla, oak, and caramel flavors from the freshly dumped wooden bourbon barrel. You can use it on pancakes, salmon, chicken, yogurt, or oatmeal. The options are endless.

They also offer Whipped Honey, which is raw honey in a creamier state. It is pale, almost white. If you put it on a spoon and turn it upside down, it will cling to the spoon!

Smith’s Honey makes lip balm, too! It is a basic recipe of shea butter, coconut oils, and essential oil. It hydrates lips without being sticky.

You can also get cut combs from Smith’s Honey. It’s how people used to eat honey “back in the day.” You just pick up the honeycomb and chew on it. “Young kids love it,” Stephanie said.

Just some of Smith's Honey hives.Photo courtesy of Stephanie Smith.

The color of honey differs throughout the summer season, depending on which flowers bees are collecting nectar from. “Soon, we will be selling flights of honey. There will be four 4 oz. jars packaged together, each one harvested in a different month,” Stephanie said.

You can buy Smith’s Honey by calling (517) 764–1549, or at local businesses such as Parma Antique Mall, IDQ Creative Decor in Brooklyn, or The Little Big Emporium in Michigan Center. Also watch for Smith’s Honey at festivals, fairs, and craft shows! They will be at Meckley’s Flavor Fruit Farm in Michigan Center Saturday, September 4, 2021, from 11 AM — 4 PM for “Stoyanna’s My Big Fat Greek Festival.”

Smith’s Honey makes the Jackson area a little bit sweeter. If you’ve tried Smith’s Honey, tell me about your experience in the comments!

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