Jackson, Michigan Author's Book Provides Scientific Evidence God Exists

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Photo courtesy of Eugene Hausmann.

Jackson resident, Eugene Hausmann, recently published his book, Jobe Syndrome and Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God and Evil, which strives to harmonize science and religion. “Too often, people think they have to choose whether to believe in God or to believe in science. It doesn’t have to be one or the other,” Hausmann said.

In Jobe Syndrome, Hausmann states:

I believe the confusion is caused by the universities whose world views come from 19th century and early 20th century science — and their students are learning it. The great thinkers of that period like Darwin (creation without a creator), Marx (government without religion), Freud (psychology without a soul) and Nietzsche (“God is Dead”) — they have been most influential in university world views. On the other hand, the science of the late 20th and 21st century has not been sufficiently disseminated and digested in the Millennial culture of our time.

Jobe Syndrome shares some of the latest science in an understandable, non-technical format, as it introduces the reader to the Intelligent Design of the Universe. Hausmann states Intelligent Design is the missing link in evolution theory. He points out there are an increasing number of scientists who admit there are holes in Darwin’s evolution theory and more than 500 scientists worldwide have signed “A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism.”

Hausmann’s book is timely, considering last year The Daily Wire reported the data from the General Social Survey showed atheists constitute the largest religious group in America. The number of Americans who have “no religion” soared 266% in the past 30 years and represents 23.1% of the population.

Eugene and Jean Hausmann. Photo courtesy of Eugene Hausmann.

Hausmann titled the book after Job (pronounced Jobe) from the Bible. As chaplain and director of pastoral care at Holy Cross Children’s Services of Michigan for over 35 years, Hausmann encountered numerous children and teens who had experienced trauma from abuse, abandonment, and violent deaths of their loved ones. Some of these children and teens were disappointed or angry with God. Many wondered if God was real. Others were certain God didn’t exist. They were experiencing Jobe Syndrome, a condition of spiritual distress. They asked questions such as:

Why does God allow bad things to happen?

Why didn’t He rescue me when I cried out for help?

Is God even real?

Throughout the book, Hausmann uses scientific evidence to show God does exist and God cares about us. The book also provides comfort for those struggling with Jobe Syndrome. Through metaphors, parables, and personal stories, Hausmann offers ways to cope with floundering spiritual health and gives the reader tools to look at suffering from a different perspective and begin to heal.

The Hausmann family. Photo courtesy of Eugene Hausmann.

Jobe Syndrome will strengthen the faith of believers and open up the possibility of a Supreme Being for agnostics and atheists. The book challenges outdated philosophies and theories with the latest scientific evidence.

Hausmann is a man of science. In 1972 he was licensed by the State of Michigan to teach Science and Chemistry. Hausmann is also a man of God, dedicating his adult life to ministry. He earned a BA in Theology and Chemistry from Notre Dame University, an MA from the Catholic Theological Union of Chicago, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Ecumenical Theological Seminary of Detroit. He became an ordained deacon in the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan in 2000.

Eugene Hausmann resides in Jackson, Michigan with Jean, his wife of 40 years. They have three grown children and five grandchildren.

Jobe Syndrome and Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God and Evil is available on Amazon.

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