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Green Acres Greenhouse in Onsted is Where Friendships and Flowers Bloom

Tracy Stengel

Inside Green AcresTracy Stengel

Imagine a place where Spring comes early. Where annual flower shoots begin to thrive in February … a warm safe haven to go when icicles and snow are ubiquitous. That is the utopia Jo Edwards created when she opened Green Acres Greenhouse in Onsted, Michigan.

Every year, Green Acres plants over 10,000 annual flower plugs, thousands of seeds, and hundreds of perennials. They offer gardeners a myriad of options to beautify their lawns and outdoor living space.

2021 marks the 30th year Green Acres has been in business — an acre of beauty under six hoop houses and one salt block shaped structure filled with a myriad of annuals and perennials in every color of the rainbow.

Inside Green AcresTracy Stengel

“In the beginning, I hoped my kids would eventually get involved … but they had other plans,” Jo said, laughing. It turned out, her parents, Dick and Marty Hubbard enthusiastically jumped onboard and are there almost every day throughout the season. Several aunts stop by regularly to pitch in, bringing food and performing various tasks. It turned out to be a true family business in every sense.

But it’s more than that.

It has become a gathering place for people in the community. “People stop by in February and March just to come in and get excited for the upcoming warm weather. They look forward to Spring. We give them a jump start,” Jo said.

There are chairs across from the check out area, a place neighbors can sit and chat. “Many people stop in just to catch up with Mom and Dad,” Jo said.

“One of the things we enjoy is educating people about different plants. For instance, lantana is a flower many people are unfamiliar with, but I found it growing everywhere in Maui while on vacation. I am excited to have it available at Green Acres. Hummingbirds love it!”

Lantana plants have rounded clusters of small, vibrant colored flowers. They can be yellow, orange, white, red, or purple and sometimes the clusters have a mix of colors. The love full sun and are usually grown in pots. Their vine-like branches cascade into a waterfall of color.

The first year I visited Green Acres, I was searching for something other than the typical spikes, the green stiff-bladed plant everyone uses to add height to their annual pots. Jo’s mother suggested millet. It is a tall, ornamental grass, not hardy for Michigan’s harsh winters, but is a lovely centerpiece in a large container. It grows about three feet tall and its flowers resemble a cattail. In the fall, after a hard frost, the plant dies, but I feed the birds the seeds from the bottlebrush-like spikes and they love it. It’s a win-win!

Inside Green Acres.Tracy Stengel

Greenacres is where I go every year to get my annuals, usually right around Mother’s Day. Throughout the summer, I stop in to get a rose bush or perennials to add to my landscape. While I have only lived in Onsted five years, I feel at home there. Everyone is friendly. Their flowers are high quality. When I leave, I feel like I have made a connection with the folks in my area. I walk in with a smile and leave with one almost reaching my ears.

Green Acres is located at 7650 M-50, Onsted, Michigan. Their hours are Sunday 9 AM – 3 PM and Monday – Saturday from 9 AM – 4 PM.

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