India also upset over the 'vandalism' of Russian troops in Ukraine! Demand for an independent investigation into the UN

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A mass cemetery has been found in the Ukrainian city of Bucha in which several Ukrainian citizens are claimed to have been pressed together. India strongly condemned the incident and supported the demand for an independent inquiry

Condemning the mass killing of Ukrainian nationals in the Ukrainian city of Bucha, India has advocated for an independent probe into the matter. India's Ambassador to the UN Security Council meeting TS Tirumurti said, "Recently, there are reports of people being murdered in the Ukrainian city of Bucha which is very disturbing. We condemn this murder in one voice and support the demand for a fair investigation into the case. At the same time, India also said that the war between the two countries should end immediately.

It is worth mentioning that a very large grave has been found in bucha, the city occupied by Russia. It is believed that the Ukrainian people have been killed in this grave. This incident has shaken the world over. It is believed that after this incident, the international community will prepare to impose more stringent sanctions against Russia. Not only this, in the coming days, the matter can also go to the International Criminal Court.

Many Western countries, including Ukraine, are accusing Russian soldiers of committing war crimes. The images coming from Bucha have been described as terrible by members of Britain, France, Germany, the US and NATO. In the pictures, the bodies of people are seen lying on the streets. The US has called these pictures a war crime and has even called Russian President Vladimir Putin a war criminal. The Us has demanded that these war crimes be heard in the International Court of Justice.

There has also been a Russian statement on these photos and videos. Russia has called the photos and videos false and misleading, saying that international leaders must listen to our side before making any statement on the basis of the video and photos. Earlier, at the UN Security Council, ukraine's president launched a scathing attack on Russia, saying that Russian soldiers were mounting tanks on civilians and raping their mother in front of children.

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