Wother furious when baby daddy's newborn given name identical to her child's

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In a Reddit post dated August 28, 2023, a woman wants to know if she's wrong for calling her child's father "spineless" and his girlfriend "creepy" for naming their newborn the exact same name as the child she shares with her child's father.

To provide some context, the original poster [OP] became pregnant with her now 10-year-old daughter after a one-night encounter with a friend when she was in her mid-20s. They chose to co-parent the child without pursuing a romantic relationship.

Four years ago, the father of OP's child started dating another woman, and they moved in together the previous year. When the girlfriend became pregnant, the OP was supportive, even encouraging her daughter to assist and behave during her visits. The OP hoped that the two half-siblings would form a close bond despite having different mothers. The OP even offered to babysit to allow the couple some alone time, so her daughter could bond with her new sibling.

The OP was eagerly anticipating the arrival of her daughter's half-sister. However, when she and her daughter went to the hospital to meet the newborn, she was taken aback.

The couple had chosen her daughter's name for their baby. Her friend appeared uneasy and avoided making eye contact. When she questioned their decision, his girlfriend dismissed her concerns, stating she simply liked the name and saw no reason to use another name or a nickname.

The OP found the choice odd and said as much, calling the decision "creepy" and her friend "spineless" for agreeing to it. The confrontation escalated, and she was asked to leave the hospital by the girlfriend.

OP is now questioning if her reaction was too strong, especially given the girlfriend had just given birth. However, she feels their choice is peculiar. She believes it's not about the freedom to choose a name, but more about the implications of using a name already borne by another child in the family, especially considering the kids share the same surname. The sudden revelation at the hospital felt jarring and potentially deliberate on the girlfriend's part as if trying to overshadow or replace her own daughter.

What do you think? Is the OP overreacting, or was naming a baby the same name as her 10-year-old daughter creepy on the part of her child's father and his girlfriend? Chime in below.

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