Hungry, dehydrated guest ruins wedding by fainting atop the photographer, breaking his camera

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A 21-year-old woman attended her aunt's wedding a few weeks back. And now, she's turning to the Reddit community to find out if she's a total jerk [paraphrased] for allegedly ruining her aunt's big day. Let me break it down for you.

Our original poster, or OP as we like to call her, wasn't actively involved in the wedding. Nope, she was just there as a guest, which seemed pretty chill to her. No responsibilities or anything, you know?

Now, before the ceremony kicked off, all the attendees were reminded to stay hydrated and eat properly because the weather was scorching. I mean, who wants to pass out like a wilting flower, right? So, the OP, being a busy bee that day, had only managed to wolf down a granola bar. And let me tell you, that's not exactly a feast fit for a wedding.

She didn't mention a thing about drinking water to stay hydrated.

Fast forward about half an hour into the ceremony, which was happening in a traditional church. The OP started feeling faint like she was about to faceplant into the pews. So, naturally, she made a beeline straight to the restroom. But here's the kicker: In her weakened state, she ended up passing out and landed right on top of the poor photographer nearby.

Talk about a Kodak moment gone wrong.

Honestly, she didn't even remember seeing the photographer because she was so dizzy. But unfortunately, her untimely fainting spell caused the poor guy to drop his camera lens, shattering it into pieces. Ouch.

Here's where things get sticky. This wedding was on a tight budget, and guess what? The photographer, who happened to be a family friend of the groom, only had one camera. Can you imagine the bride's despair at the potential loss of quality photos from her special day? It's enough to make anyone shed a tear. The photographer did offer to fetch another camera from his place, but time was not on their side.

So here's the big question: Was the OP in the wrong for passing out and turning the photographer into a human landing pad, thus destroying his camera and potentially ruining the wedding? Or should she cut herself some slack because, hey, fainting is not something you plan for or even want?

By the way, the bride and groom did end up with wedding photos, but they were captured on cellphones, not on the photographer's camera.

Alright, we need your two cents on this one. Drop your comments below and let us know what you think.

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