Man forces guests to wear clear plastic raincoats before sitting on his furniture

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A man has taken to Reddit to ask whether he's wrong for asking his guests to wear clear plastic raincoats before sitting on the furniture in his apartment. Alternatively, guests may bring clean clothes with them and change into their clean clothes before sitting down.

Is he wrong for requiring that guests change clothes before they sit on his furniture? You decide

The original poster [OP] is a 20-year-old male, and he lives alone. He's a very tidy individual. His mother maintained their home in impeccable condition during his upbringing and for as long as he could recall.

He recently got his own place and started pondering about the number of germs from the outside world that people bring into their homes. He always changes his clothes upon arriving home. However, when he has visitors, they typically don't. He's unsure about where they might have been or what filth their attire might have encountered.

Around a month ago, he purchased several of those transparent disposable raincoats. He began informing guests that they could either bring a fresh set of clothes to wear or put on one of these coats before sitting on his furniture. He also offers to launder the clothes they remove, should they choose to.

His girlfriend is understanding and has begun leaving a change of clothes at his residence. Both his mother and younger sister have accepted this new guideline.

However, when he invited a buddy the previous day (having informed them about the clothing policy beforehand), they were astonished to find out he genuinely enforced it. This friend remarked, "You've got to be kidding me."

The OP clarified that he was indeed serious, after which the friend departed and has been ignoring his texts ever since.

The OP's mother told the OP that his demand was fairly extreme and it was unreasonable to expect everyone to comply. He disagrees but is now second-guessing his stance. Is he in the wrong? Chime in below.

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