Meddling mother-in-law demands $30 after buying daughter-in-law an $80 'gift'

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A woman turned to Reddit earlier today to vent about a situation with her mother-in-law that has her steaming mad.

The original poster's [OP] mother-in-law [MIL] purchased a new coffee machine for the OP and her husband, even though their existing one was still functional. When the MIL was about to leave, she informed OP she owed her $30. When questioned, she explained that she initially intended to spend only $50 on the gift, but the most affordable coffee machine she found was approximately $80. So, she expected OP to cover the additional $30.

This puzzled OP. If the mother-in-law had a specific budget in mind for a gift (which OP hadn't asked for in the first place), why didn't she opt for a different gift within that price range?

The MIL justified her actions by saying she didn't mind spending more if it brought OP joy. However, she still insisted on the extra $30, claiming it was a matter of principle. She believed that if OP had proper manners, she would pay up. After this exchange, she departed.

Later on, she texted OP's husband, stating she expected the $30. If not received, she threatened to take back the coffee machine. OP advised her husband to tell his mother to retrieve the machine because she was not inclined to pay the extra money.

The husband, however, grew fond of the new coffee machine and urged OP to just hand over the $30 to keep the peace. He argued that since the gift was originally for OP, she should cover the cost, even if it was unsolicited. He accused OP of making the situation more complicated and of being inconsiderate, especially since he appreciated the new machine.

It's impolite to ask or tell the price of a gift anyhow, never mind asking the recipient to pitch it on it.

OP struggled to see how she was at fault and wondered if she might actually be in the wrong. Should she just comply and give the mother-in-law the $30 she's demanding? Who's wrong in this situation? Chime in.

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