Woman furious after inebriated husband tries to jump off dock in the dark

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A 27-year-old woman and her 29-year-old husband have enjoyed a seven-year-long marriage, with both partners usually respecting each other's boundaries. However, a recent incident has left her questioning her own actions and wondering if she was wrong.

The woman has taken to Reddit for advice in a post dated August 23, 2023. Was she in the wrong? You decide. Here's what happened:

The original poster [OP] was the designated driver for a group that consisted of both their siblings and friends during a night out at a bar. While everyone had a great time, she was the only one who remained sober.

After leaving the bar, her husband proposed the idea of joining a neighboring party, hosted by a group of middle-aged women they weren't acquainted with. Believing it was impolite to crash someone's party uninvited, she advised him against it. Yet, within ten minutes, one of their friends, whom they consider a brother, relayed that her husband was pressuring him and others to join the neighboring party. This made both the "brother" and her uncomfortable.

Trying to keep things calm, she stayed inside and prepared food, intending to help everyone sober up. Once done, she stepped outside to join the rest of the group. Suddenly, she noticed her husband and a 25-year-old friend heading towards the dock. When questioned, her husband responded that they were feeling hot and wanted to jump into the lake.

Considering it was dark outside and both men had consumed a significant amount of alcohol, she warned against it, emphasizing the potential danger. According to Alcohol.org, "Even just one drink can have a negative effect on your mental capacity and potentially set you up for physical harm."

Despite her concerns, her husband dismissed her with an eye-roll and continued walking.

Frustrated, she exclaimed that she wouldn't be the one to explain to their children the circumstances under which their father might die if he proceeded with his idea. According to Psychology Today, you should tell children the truth about a parent's death right away.

The night ended with the OP's husband giving her the cold shoulder. When she later attempted to discuss the issue, he continually rolled his eyes, failing to acknowledge any wrongdoing. He defended himself, saying they merely dipped their feet in the water and didn't actually jump.

Since the incident, communication between the couple has been minimal. The husband seems to believe that things are back to normal, but she remains distant. It's essential to note that this was an adults-only weekend, with no children present.

Who was wrong in this situation? Comments are welcome.

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