Woman dumps boyfriend when he can't make a decision without consulting his twin sister

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Can you imagine dating a man who asked his twin sister to help make all his decisions? Well, that exact situation played out for one woman whose boyfriend wouldn't make a decision without his fraternal twin. So what did she do? She dumped him.

As told to Whisper:

He had to consult his twin sister before we could make any decisions. He always took her side. It was so annoying and unattractive.

Making decisions can be challenging, but it is a necessary part of life. When we make decisions, we take control of our lives and define our paths. However, some people find it difficult to make decisions on their own, and they seek guidance from others.

One such case was reported where a woman dating a man had to deal with the challenge of having to make decisions by bringing his twin sister into the picture. The woman reportedly could not continue dating the man because he could not make any decision without consulting his twin sister first. This situation raises questions about the impact of seeking advice from others on our decision-making processes, especially in relationships.

It is commendable to seek advice from loved ones, friends, or professionals. However, involving someone else like a sibling in personal relationships may raise concerns and suggest that the decision-making process has become too challenging for one to handle. Seeking advice from others is not a problem; it becomes problematic when it impedes our ability to make independent decisions for ourselves.

In a romantic relationship, trust is crucial, and making decisions as a couple is a significant part of building trust. It is essential to involve our partners in our decision-making processes, but it is equally important to be decisive. Involving someone else like a sibling or friend may result in resentment and mistrust.

Furthermore, relying on someone else's decisions may suggest a lack of self-confidence and uncertainty. This situation can be problematic in both personal relationships and professional settings, where the ability to make quick and sound decisions is critical.

One way to overcome indecisiveness is by cultivating self-awareness and confidence. Taking time to identify our values, strengths, weaknesses, and goals can help us make better decisions aligned with our interests. Additionally, developing essential life skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication can improve our decision-making abilities.

According to Tony Robbins:

When you’re in a committed relationship [...] decisions require buy-in from both parties, and nearly every decision you make has an impact on your partner.  

You'll notice Robbins doesn't mention consulting family members.

So, how do you stop letting other people make decisions for you? As psychotherapist Mollie Eliasof, LCSW told Bustle:

The key to making sure that others are not dictating your life is to be in touch with your own needs. Learn about what makes you, on your own, happy and infuse it in your everyday decisions as well as large life choices.

Making decisions is a crucial aspect of living, and it is vital to cultivate independent thinking. Relying on others to make life-changing decisions for oneself may raise concerns and result in mistrust and resentment. It is okay to seek advice from loved ones, but it should not substitute our ability to make sound and independent decisions. In a romantic relationship, trust is significant, and making decisions as a couple is part of building trust.

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