Hotel housekeeper cleaning empty room shocked when she comes face to face with a strange man: 'He came out of nowhere'

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*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events I experienced firsthand; used with permission.

I worked as a hotel housekeeper for two years. It wasn't the worst job I've ever had; it wasn't a dream job either.

Despite instructions from management to keep rooms locked while working alone, I neglected to lock the doors when cleaning the rooms. It was easier that way since housekeepers kept our carts and supplies in the hallway. So one day, I came face to face with a strange man in the middle of the room I was cleaning.

He came out of nowhere. As it turned out, he wasn't staying at the hotel; he was just looking for a bathroom.

As I went about my duties, I suddenly heard a voice and looked up to find a strange man standing in the middle of the room. My heart rate increased as I wondered how this man had entered the room without my noticing him and what he was doing there.

I mustered up the courage to ask him politely what he was doing in the room, and his response surprised me. He said he was looking for a bathroom, and he had driven past the hotel when he decided to stop inside and ask to use ours.

It didn't make sense to me that he had walked past the front desk, down one of the hotel corridors, and then let himself into the empty room where I was cleaning to ask about a bathroom.

This incident changed the way I thought about my job and security. I immediately started to take extra precautions whenever I went to clean a room in the future. Whenever I went to a new room, I checked if it was empty and locked the door behind me.

The events of that day taught me a valuable lesson in being more vigilant. After that day, I always double-checked to make sure I'd locked the doors, and I kept a close eye out for suspicious activity.

The experience also showed me that no amount of security can replace human vigilance. It is important to be aware of our surroundings and to take all necessary safety precautions.

Being prepared is the only way to guarantee our personal safety, as well as the safety of others. For me, this experience served as an important reminder to be alert and aware of my surroundings at all times. It also made me realize that implementing the right security measures could help ensure the safety of all guests, staff, and property at the hotel.

In the end, I was thankful that nothing bad came out of this incident, but I still took extra care when I was cleaning a room from then on.

You may be wondering whether I allowed the man to use the bathroom. I didn't.

I have a lot of anxiety, and he caught me by surprise. So when he explained he was looking for a bathroom, I truthfully told him we didn't have a public bathroom and sent him on his way. In retrospect, I could have left the room while allowing him to use the bathroom.

What would you have done? Comments are welcome.

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