Woman dumps boyfriend when he puts his car obsession above her needs

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When it comes to relationships, compromise is essential for success. However, if one party begins to prioritize their own needs over the other, the relationship can become strained and eventually break down.

This is exemplified by the story of one anonymous woman who broke up with her boyfriend for being "totally obsessed with his car."

A woman took to the anonymous social networking site Whisper to explain why she broke up with her boyfriend. She wrote:

I dumped this dud for being totally obsessed with his car. To the point where he'd whine about being broke, then buy some stupid new gadgets for his car. He was too cheap to do ANYTHING with me though.

I can completely understand how this woman felt about her boyfriend's car obsession because something similar happened to me. My husband was obsessed with his Harley-Davidson motorcycle and a revolving door of 1960s and 1970s muscle cars in various stages of disrepair.

My husband refused to help pay the bills, coming home with various chrome parts for his latest projects instead. If he wasn't buying new chrome footrests or handlebars for his bike, he was buying chrome to install under the hood of his Chevy Malibu or Nova.

It wasn't just chrome. My husband bought motorcycle helmets, tires, leather jackets, and various other accessories and accouterments as the spirit moved him. He loved to browse auto parts and motorcycle accessories like he was picking out candy bars at a grocery store checkout line.

For my husband, chrome exhaust pipes were an impulse buy.

The anonymous poster on Whisper wrote that her boyfriend was "too cheap to do ANYTHING with her," which brings up a good question: When it comes to spending money, should a man use his money on himself or his partner?

On one hand, a man may choose to prioritize his own needs and wants by spending money exclusively on himself. After all, everyone deserves some indulgence from time to time. However, if this selfishness becomes excessive, it could cause tension in the relationship.

On the other hand, some men might feel inclined to spend their money on experiences that they can share with their partners such as lavish dinners or vacations. This kind of thoughtful investment of resources can bring much joy and strengthen the bond between two people.

When it comes to spending money there is no singular right answer for all couples; instead, each individual has different needs and wants that must be taken into consideration before making a decision regarding how funds are used. Ultimately though, whatever amount of money is spent should be done so thoughtfully and with respect for both parties' preferences.

And for Pete's sake, pay your bills first.

What would you do if your partner spent more money on his car than on you? Comments are welcome.

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