Man begs former classmate for dishwasher job: 'I need a job, and you need someone to wash dishes'

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*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by a former partner, who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.

How far would you go to get a job? One man was so desperate for a job that he begged his former classmate to hire him as a dishwasher for months before he gave up.

He still didn't get the job. Why? For one thing, the restaurant wasn't actually hiring.

I dated a man who was very smart yet had trouble finding a job. He had even more trouble keeping a job, probably because he was so annoying.

When he found himself in need of a new job, again, he decided to take a different approach. Instead of looking for job openings or a company that was actually hiring, he set his sights on working as a dishwasher for a restaurant run by his former classmate.

He thought washing dishes would be a relaxing, low-stress job, and he was looking for something where he "wouldn't have to think so much." That's why he decided to work as a dishwasher at a place that didn't need a dishwasher.

I know. Trust me. It's just as confusing as it sounds.

My then-boyfriend stopped by his former classmate's family restaurant, over and over again. First, he pretended he just wanted to catch up. After about a week, he made his move.

"I need a job, and you need someone to wash dishes," he said.

"We already have a dishwasher," his former classmate replied.

That didn't deter him. Over the next month or so, he returned to the restaurant time and time again, begging for a low-paying job opening that didn't even exist.

The restaurant staff was polite, but they all suggested he look elsewhere. Eventually, he had to accept the fact that there simply wasn't a job available and moved on with his life.

It was an incredibly frustrating experience for him and everyone involved, but it taught me an important lesson: You can only beg so much before you have to accept reality and move on.

No matter how much you need a job, if there aren't any openings available, all the begging in the world won't help. The best option is to start looking elsewhere and be persistent until you find something that fits your skillset and needs.

It's not easy, but it's important to remember that you'll eventually find something that works for you. You just have to learn the difference between the need for persistence and knowing when to take a step back.

My ex didn't really have a good sense of boundaries. So it's not surprising he couldn't tell where he was neither wanted nor needed.

What advice would you give him if you could? Comments are welcome.

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