Family learns woman is divorced after reading her ex-husband's obituary in the newspaper

Tracey Folly

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by a family member, who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.

Rocky marriages are a dime a dozen. With the United States divorce rate sitting not-so-pretty at forty-one percent of first marriages and sixty percent of second marriages, it would appear you're just as likely to find yourself in a bad marriage as a good one.

Some rocky marriages are made even rockier by one or both partners seeking new partners while still married. That, my readers, is what they call cheating.

One of my uncles decided to start his own business. His business partner was a pretty young lady who was not my aunt.

Apparently, my uncle and his work partner were hardworking and savvy because their little business took off like a rocket on steroids. Business was booming ... and romance was blooming.

Their business relationship turned into a big fat romance. According to my mother, my aunt saw it coming from a mile away. At least it wasn't a total shocker even if it was totally unwelcome.

My uncle wasn't as handsome as he was charming. He had a magnetic personality that all the ladies seemed to love, and he used that magnetism to his advantage.

Before my aunt knew what hit her, my uncle had moved out of the home they shared with their three children and into a loft with his business partner. Their extramarital bliss wouldn't last long.

Fate loves to throw curveballs, and it tossed one at my uncle in the form of the cancer that would kill him.

He became ill, and his newfound love and business partner left him as flat as a pancake. "I'm not taking care of you," she told him. "I'm not your wife."

That's when my uncle called my aunt and begged her to take him back.

My aunt graciously told him to come back and live with his family. She said she would take care of him "till death do us part" just like the wedding vows they'd recited decades earlier, and she kept her promise.

My uncle returned to the house he'd once shared with my aunt. Six months later, he passed away. True to her word, she took care of him until his last breath.

When my uncle's obituary came in the paper, the entire family learned my aunt and my uncle had a secret. They weren't even married, not anymore. My aunt and my uncle had quietly divorced and told no one about it. We'd all thought they were merely separated, but they were divorced all along.

My aunt has since passed away as well. No one knows if they are together in death as they were in life, but I wouldn't doubt it.

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