Man locates owner of 33-year-old wedding band found on beach; She refuses to accept ring: 'I never want to see it again'

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Happy ever after doesn't necessarily mean happily married.

A man with a metal detector must have been over the moon when he located the owner of a gold wedding band that had been "lost" in the ocean. There was only one problem: she didn't want it back because it wasn't actually lost.

The ring was exactly where she wanted it to be: in the ocean.

Steve Andrews found the ring with its "1989" inscription on the banks of St Aubin's Bay, Jersey, United Kingdom. Desperate to reunite the owner of the ring with the piece of jewelry, Andrews posted his discovery to a Facebook group dedicated to local lost and found items:

Wedding band a long way out in St. Aubin’s Bay,” he wrote. “It’s hallmarked for 1989, so many have been there for up to 33 years. Long shot, I know.

Note: The link to the post itself does not seem to be working currently, and it may have been removed. However, you can still see photos of the ring over at Daily Mail.

As it turned out, the ring wasn't lost at all. The former owner of the ring, who did not wish to be identified, instructed the kind-hearted metal detector to toss it back into the ocean whence it came.

The woman had thrown the wedding band into the ocean herself following a divorce, and she was in no hurry to reunite with it. "I never want to see it again," she reportedly told the man who found it.

Andrews agreed to return the ring to its watery grave. "I'll pop it back when I'm next down there," he said.

You can learn more about Steve Andrews and his Jersey Lost Ring Metal Detecting on his Facebook page. Andrews attempts to find the original owners of as many errant pieces of jewelry as possible. The following picture shows his haul from just one single day over the past summer:

As you can see from the above photo, beer bottle caps and aluminum can pull tabs turn up far from frequently than anything valuable.

Be amazed. Here's another haul of metal found by Andrews and his metal detector, proving there's a lot more trash than treasure on beaches today. At least he's helping to clean up the environment while searching for strangers' lost goods. It's a win-win even on days he doesn't find silver or gold because he's getting trash like this off the beach.

If you've had enough of trash and you're ready for the treasure, peep the following pics:

Notice the happy faces?

Here's another one. Those are wedding bands on his palm. Check out the close-up photo:

Here's one more found ring for the road:

Steve Andrews does good work, and his Lego doppelganger is just adorable.

Have you ever been reunited with a piece of lost jewelry? I haven't, but I've lost a few items over the years that I'd love to see again. The only problem is I didn't lose them on the beach. If I did, I'd have complete faith that Andrews would be able to find it again.

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