Woman borrows her roommate's clothes without asking then posts selfies of her wearing them on Instagram

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*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by a family friend, who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.

My friend's roommate borrowed her clothes without asking, ruined them, and documented the whole thing on Instagram.

A friend of mine had a dilemma. She had several roommates, and they all got along fine. That wasn't the dilemma. The dilemma was that one of those roommates always borrowed her clothes without asking and then denied it.

My friend started noticing strange things going on with her clothes. There were mustard stains on her favorite denim shorts, and a good number of her tops were stretched out and baggy.

She was very petite and wore a size small. Her roommates were slightly larger. They weren't large or overweight by any means, but getting into my friend's tiny sweaters would have been a stretch.

That was another sign that something was wrong.

"I don't know who keeps stretching out my sweaters," she told me, "but I'm going to find out."

She noticed the phenomenon occurred most often when she left town for the weekends. My friend would return on Monday mornings to find her drawers mussed and at least one of her articles of attire rumpled, stretched out, mustard-stained, or otherwise showing signs of wear.

My friend did the logical thing. She asked her roommates, who all denied wearing her clothes.

One day, she noticed one of her roommates wearing her clothes on Instagram. Instead of confronting her, she kept an eye on her selfies. Sure enough, her clothes kept making appearances at bars and house parties, especially on the weekends when she went home to visit her parents.

But the funny thing is, my friend's roommate didn't seem to realize how ridiculous she looked wearing clothes two sizes too small for her. She posted a photo of herself wearing my friend's clothes with the caption: "Stylin'." And she couldn't even button her blouse.

Eventually, my friend had accumulated so much evidence from the other girl's Instagram account that she felt comfortable bringing it to her attention. There was no way she could deny it now.

Laughably, she did try to deny it, but she didn't get very far. The number of selfies featuring my friend's clothes on her roommate's body was undeniable.

Instead of apologizing and agreeing not to do it again, the roommate acted as if she were the injured party. She made things so difficult for my friend that she ended up moving out. It's too bad she didn't move out sooner before half her wardrobe got ruined.

My friend lives alone now, and she's much happier for it. She knows there's no one wearing her clothes but her, and if something ends up ruined or stained with mustard, she knows exactly who to blame. Herself.

What would you do if you caught someone wearing your clothes behind your back? Would you bring it to their attention, or resign yourself to sharing your entire wardrobe? Comments are welcome.

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