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Man finds pricey $40K platinum diamond ring on the beach: successfully locates rightful owner and returns the ring

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Joseph Cook loves metal detecting and sharing his adventures and his successes with his social media followers on TikTok and Instagram. So when he found a diamond and platinum ring worth $40K, he couldn't wait to share the news.

He also couldn't wait to return it to its rightful owner.

Thirty-seven-year-old Cook was using his metal detector at Hammock Beach in St. Augustine, Florida when he made the stunning discovery, according to People:

"When I first found it I thought it would just be a nickel, but then I dug it up and it was just this big old diamond and platinum ring."

The following video posted by Cook on Instagram shows him recalling the moment he realized he had found the owner of the ring... and then he found yet another massive diamond ring, calling it "karma."

For those of you watching the video on mute at work or on the train, here's a transcript:

"Y'all, the craziest thing just happened to me. I'm out here digging like I always do. And I get this phone number from some random number that I've never seen before, and I'm like what the [redacted]. So I keep digging. You know. I'm not answering for nobody.

"Finally, I get all these messages to go through with pictures and all sorts of stuff. Y'all, I found the owner of the big diamond ring. I kid you not. I messaged the jeweler. Do you know what happened? I literally just got done messaging him, and I dug another diamond ring. Karma is real!"

There's no word on how much his latest diamond ring discovery is worth, but if you watched the Instagram video all the way to the end, you can see it's a stunner.

Three weeks after finding the $40K ring, Cook met the couple it belonged to and handed it over near Hammock Beach, according to People. He said he was happy to hand it over.

Tiffany Howard is the original owner of the diamond engagement ring, as noted by apost. According to her social media profile, she is a Florida real estate broker, television host, mother, volunteer, entrepreneur, and community activist. Howard left an emotional message on Instagram thanking the man who found it:

I am still in shock that my engagement ring spent several months in the ocean, churned up by a hurricane and found by YOU! Even more shocking is your persistence in finding me to return it! I believe that I have once again witnessed the goodness of God through you! Thank you for what you did for me and so many others

Can you imagine the joy Howard must have felt when she was reunited with her ring months after it went missing? There's no word on how it ended up in the ocean, but all that really matters is that it's back in her possession.

Have you ever found valuables at the beach, or elsewhere? What's the most pricey thing you've ever found? Did you keep it, or did you find its original owner? Comments are welcome.

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