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Massive 200-foot washed-up driftwood log scores near-perfect 4.8 stars rating on Google: 'Big Log Boi'

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If only we were all as popular or as highly rated as this washed-up log.

I recently discovered something interesting on the Internet. It's a log with a 4.8-star rating on Google. That's a pretty impressive rating for anything, never mind a large log.

Big Boi Log isn't just any old log. It's a gigantic piece of driftwood that's been sitting on the beach for years. According to some Redditors, it's been there since at least 2005.

Check out the gargantuan driftwood below; human for scale:

You can see by the aerial view below, that the massive log has been named Big Log Boi, and it sits on the shore of First Beach, La Push, Washington, 98350. You can even find directions to the log from wherever you are. For example, from where I'm sitting, Big Log Boi is a mere 3,200 miles away. That's a 48-hour drive, in case you're interested. Your mileage may vary.

Let's take a look at just a few of the twenty-three Google user reviews that contributed to this big log's nearly perfect rating.

Jamie P. writes:

This is a most glorious log boi. I feel honored to have been in his presence.

Ashley Gosla writes:

Best big log boi, ever. He is a gentleman and a scholar.

Last but certainly not least, Elias Skoubis writes:

Log Boi was the single greatest thing to ever happen to my life. I was stumped in life. Growing into a new phase, my wife was leafing me, and I wood do anything to forget about the years I had spent adrift, this tree taught me a new way of living. It turned me from a sapling to a mighty oak, and now people don't want to come barking up the wrong tree. Thank you for everything Log Boi.

A few last notes about Big Log Boi:

The piece of driftwood is listed as both a business and a museum on Google. Its hours are listed as 24/7. However, I couldn't confirm the hours of First Beach, where the log is located. It's advisable to double check before you go, especially if you're planning to visit outside of normal business hours. Logs may not keep regular business hours, but sometimes beaches do.

Big Log Boi may be hundreds of years old, according to a comment by Reddit user OMGSPACERUSSIA:

The tannins in redwood trees (which give them their red color) mean that even on land a large redwood can take several hundred years to even start degrading. That's why they were so popular as building material, redwood timber is effectively pre-treated, you can set it right on the ground and a redwood board will be fine for decades.

Redditors estimate its length at 200 feet. I couldn't find an estimate for its width, but using the man in the picture as a rough guide, I'd guess it's perhaps 35 feet across at the thickest part of the stump. Does anyone have a better guess?

What do you think? Is it a redwood or other type of tree? Is it "oddly terrifying" as some Redditors claim, or is it a prime example of natural beauty? Comments are welcome.

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