40-year-old message in a bottle lands on thrift shop doorstep 1,000 miles away from where it was dropped into the ocean

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In 1982, a little girl named Stefanie Marco wrote a message and stuffed it inside a glass bottle. Then she launched the bottle into the ocean from her parents' boat while the family was on vacation. The message inside the bottle reads (punctuation added for clarity):

August 22, 1982. Dear Person Who Finds This: If you are an adult, give this to a kid (not a goat). If you find this write to Stefanie Marco [address redacted]. This is not a joke. I want to see if this bottle is found by anyone and where it went. From Stefanie

Last month, the Yokefellow Thrift Store posted a message on Facebook about a mysterious forty-year-old message in a bottle that didn't wash ashore but instead landed on the sidewalk in front of their thrift shop, as dry as a bone:

About 6 months ago a mysterious item was dropped off on our sidewalk. A true message in a bottle. The staff set the bottle aside because everyone was intrigued by it's [sic] story. This podcast tells the story of where it began and where it ended. What is missing is how it came to us. We would love to find out where the bottle was for 39 years. If anyone has any clues for us we would love to hear them. Please share our story also. Hopefully someone will recognize the bottle.

The bottle was in pristine condition. Both the bottle and the note were in pristine condition. Neither showed the signs of wear and water one might expect from a bottle that had been riding the waves for the last four decades.

Instead of putting the bottle up for sale in their thrift shop, the owners decided to do a little research.

While a little Facebook sleuthing revealed Stefanie Marco as the original owner of that bottle and the creator of the message within, part of the story is still missing. Who dropped off the bottle at the thrift store, and more importantly, where has it been for the last four decades?

As of today, November 27, 2022, no one has stepped forward to provide answers.

Speaking of Facebook, the little girl who dropped the bottle into the drink is all grown up now, and she's an artist whose work can be seen on the social media website along with her own message about her original message in a bottle. Via Stefanie Marco of KiNDSPiN DESiGN:

Listen to my super fun story about getting my messages in a bottle returned to me 40 years after it was launched from my parent's boat! Chion Wolf did a wonderful job helping me share- thank you to Lana & Tommy Simmons for tracking me down!

Marco has since been reunited with the bottle and its forty-year-old message.

Have you ever written a message and sent it into the ocean inside a bottle? What would you do if you found one? Would you put it on a shelf as a conversation piece, or would you diligently try to find its owner? Comments are welcome.

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