Woman tricks husband into coming home early by letting teen daughter drive his new car past baseball game he's watching

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*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by a family member, who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.

My grandmother loved my grandfather very much, but she was jealous and possessive. When my grandfather was home, my grandmother was happy. If went somewhere without her, like a local neighborhood baseball game, for example, she was inconsolable.

She just wanted my grandfather home with her. Nowhere else.

My grandfather enjoyed walking to a nearby park to watch baseball, and my grandmother devised a devious way to get him to come home early. She gave my mother, who was barely old enough to drive, the keys to my grandfather's brand new car and instructed her to circle the park until my grandfather noticed his new car cruising past.

She did as she was told, taking the car keys and gently easing the car down the narrow driveway in reverse, then making slow and careful circles around the park where my grandfather sat engrossed in watching a baseball game. When she saw him crane his neck in her direction and stand up with a start, she drove home and parked the car in its customary spot.

My grandfather walked home as fast as his short legs could carry him. He was huffing and puffing by the time he reached the house.

He didn't blame my mother for driving his new car without permission because he knew exactly who had put her up to that stunt. And he couldn't blame my grandmother for giving my mother the car keys because he didn't like to ruffle her feathers.

So my grandfather spent the rest of the afternoon into the evening sitting on a lawn chair beside my grandmother in the backyard under their favorite tree, which was the only thing she ever wanted in the first place.

Even though she would sometimes trick him into doing what she wanted, he always forgave her because he knew that's just the way she was. He loved her anyway.

My grandfather passed away a few decades ago, but I'll never forget the lesson he taught me about patience and compromise in relationships. I always smile when I think about the time my grandmother tricked him into coming home early from a baseball game.

It sounds like something I would do... if I had a husband and kids. However, I have neither.

This story is a reminder that in any relationship, patience and compromise are key. That doesn't make my grandmother's actions ethical unless the ends justify the means. What do you think? Do the ends justify the means in this case?

My grandmother may have been possessive, but my grandfather loved her unconditionally. In the end, that's all that mattered to them.

How would you have reacted if you were in my grandfather's position? What do you think would have happened if my mother didn't obey her mother?

Do you think this was a healthy way to show love for someone? Comments are welcome.

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