Husband stores secret cellphone in shoe box in trunk of car: wife finds it by mistake

Tracey Folly

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events I witnessed firsthand; used with permission.

Did you ever wonder, if your husband or spouse had a secret phone, where would they keep it? Well, I found my husband's secret cellphone in the trunk of his car.

One day, I borrowed my husband's car to go to the gym while mine was in the repair shop. He had driven his truck to work, and the car keys were in their usual spot on the rack in the kitchen. So I didn't think twice about it. I just grabbed the keys, tossed my backpack in the trunk, and drove to the gym.

After I parked the car, I popped open the trunk to retrieve my backpack when I spotted a single shoebox tucked in the far corner of the trunk. Other than that mysterious shoebox, the trunk was completely empty.

I felt immediately drawn to that shoebox. What could be inside? Intuition told me it wasn't a spare pair of shoes, although that would have been the best-case scenario.

With trembling hands, I pulled off the lid of the shoebox to reveal an old pair of running shoes. That's funny, I thought. I could have sworn he told me he threw these away.

I shook out the first shoe, and nothing happened. When I upended the second shoe, a cellphone slid neatly out of the shoe and landed on the floor of the car trunk with a thump.

I already knew my husband had been dishonest with me on over one occasion. So the idea that he had a secret cellphone wasn't exactly shocking. That didn't mean the discovery did not disturb me.

My heart pounded in my chest as I pondered what to do with this information. As I held the phone, it vibrated in my hands. I looked at the number flashing on the screen. I recognized the digits. It was my best friend calling.

That's funny. How does my best friend know to call me on this number? I thought. Then I realized she was calling him.

Too stunned to answer, I let the call go to voicemail.

It should come as no surprise that my discovery aroused my suspicion and my curiosity. What else was on that phone? No wonder he always says he's "working late."

I hoped the phone would be locked. Whatever was contained on that cellphone couldn't be good. To my dismay, he hadn't even added a passcode to the phone. He clearly felt satisfied that I would never locate the phone in its hiding place inside his old shoe tucked in a shoebox in the corner of his trunk.

Too bad he was wrong.

I devoured the contents of that cellphone. Through the worst migraine of my life, I read every message, scoured every photo, and examined every phone number contained in his call log; he didn't have any numbers saved to his contacts list.

In the end, believe it or not, I tucked the phone back into his shoe, and then pushed the phone, shoes, and shoebox back into the corner of his trunk. I didn't confront him. I knew divorce was right around the corner anyhow, and I didn't have the energy to fight anymore.

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