Man leaves his pregnant girlfriend to marry an American woman

Tracey Folly

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events I witnessed firsthand; used with permission.

My family and I were close friends with a husband and wife who lived nearby. Her brother from Canada came to visit and brought his girlfriend; they were a lovely couple. I felt fortunate to meet such a pleasant pair. To me, they seemed to be deeply in love.

The man's girlfriend was more attentive, loving, and affectionate than anyone I had ever met. She didn't speak English. She and her boyfriend spoke to each other only in Portuguese, but she seemed pleasant and always got her point across.

While visiting our friends one day, I noticed everyone was speaking English, including the boyfriend of the woman who spoke only Portuguese. I found it odd that no one attempted to translate or explain for the woman who sat at the table with her hands folded in her lap, clearly excluded from the conversation.

I felt even more surprised when I realized the topic of conversation and why they had intentionally left this very nice woman out of it. Apparently, this gentleman from Canada wanted to move to the United States, and he needed a sponsor. So the group, minus his clueless girlfriend, decided he should marry an American woman. Our mutual friends found a woman who agreed to marry the Canadian man for a fee.

The man and his girlfriend returned to Canada while he made the preparations to marry another woman, and his girlfriend didn't even know about it. To make matters worse, his girlfriend was pregnant, and he had no intention of changing his plans to accommodate her or their baby.

The man returned to the United States, leaving his pregnant girlfriend behind. He married the woman our mutual friends had chosen for him. He never looked back, not even when he received word that his ex-girlfriend had given birth to their son.

Less than a year later he suffered a massive heart attack and died.

His new wife was left with nothing.

I often wonder what happened to the girlfriend and son he left behind in Canada. I hope they are doing well.

There are people in this world who will lie, cheat, and manipulate others to get what they want, and they will do it with no remorse. This story is a reminder that not everything is as it seems, and that we should be careful about whom we trust.

Always remember the importance of being honest and upfront with the people you love. Lying, cheating, and using people will only end in misery and heartache for all involved.

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