Woman horrified when coworker lights up in the car on the way to the casino

Tracey Folly

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by a family member, who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.

My mother enjoyed going to the casino. One day, a coworker friend invited my mother to accompany her to the casino. There was no way my mother would pass up the opportunity to go to her favorite place, especially if she didn't have to drive there herself.

My mother and her coworker both had the same day off that week, so they decided to go to the casino early in the morning and spend the entire day there. They met in the parking lot of the store where they both worked and agreed that my mother would leave her car there and ride in her coworker's car.

The woman picked my mother up just as planned. Conversation flowed easily between the two women, and it was a nice ride.

According to my mother, she felt overjoyed to be headed to her favorite casino, even though she knew it was unlikely that she would actually win. During a break in the conversation, the woman driving turned to my mother and asked a simple question. "Do you mind if I smoke?"

"Of course, I don't mind," my mother said. "It's your car."

My mother braced herself for the smell of cigarette smoke, which she hated. She was willing to endure the odor of cigarettes for two reasons. First, she really wanted to go to the casino. Second, she didn't think it was right to ask someone not to smoke in their own car.

"I felt shocked when I saw her light up a marijuana cigarette," my mother told me. "I never thought to ask her what cigarettes she was smoking when she asked about it. She must have seen the horrified expression on my face because she laughed and explained that smoking marijuana cigarettes helps with her stomach pain and her anxiety."

Seeing her coworker smoking marijuana in the driver's seat had the opposite effect on my mother. It caused her both an upset stomach and an anxiety attack. My mother was afraid they would get pulled over before they got to the casino. "And then what?" she asked, shrugging her shoulders.

My mother couldn't wait to get out of the car. Fortunately, they made it to the casino with no problems. On the way home, her coworker didn't light up, and my mother was relieved even though she had left all her money at the casino.

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