Walmart associate uses bathroom floor as her personal gym and gets reprimanded

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*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by a family member who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.

My mother saw enough interesting happenings during her decade as a Walmart associate to fill a book. Sometimes, the strange incidents involved customers or company policy, but often it was the employees themselves whose unusual quirks or activities made her raise her eyebrows in amusement.

According to my mother, the janitor at the Walmart location where she worked kept the bathrooms quite clean. However, even a clean bathroom floor isn't a good place to perform floor exercises. That didn't stop one of her coworkers from using the employee bathrooms for a good round of crunches and leg lifts multiple times per day, all while lying on the floor mere inches from the toilet.

A young woman who worked as a door greeter began spending more and more time in the employee bathroom. She was there enough that her coworkers felt concerned. They thought perhaps she was feeling unwell, but they didn't want to pry. So they left her alone. That doesn't mean they didn't gossip about it.

My mother and her coworkers didn't know whether they should tell someone about the greeter's frequent visits to the employee restroom. On the one hand, it wasn't their business, but what if she needed help and was afraid to ask?

Then one day, my mother learned the reason her coworker spent so much time in the employee restroom. My mother was standing at the bathroom sink washing her hands when the other woman entered the room, dropped to the floor, and announced, "It's time to do my exercises."

The woman lay on the bathroom floor performing pushups, leg lifts, and every other floor exercise she could think of. "I'm getting fat," she told my mother, "so I have to work out every chance I get."

She told my mother that the janitors were growing impatient with her because she was in the employee bathroom so often they were having difficulty cleaning it. "They can't enter the women's bathroom if it's in use, and they're getting tired of waiting outside while I finish exercising," she said.

"Yesterday, they got here first, and I had to wait until they finished mopping the floor. When I finally got to do my exercises, the floor was still shiny and wet. My shirt got all stained and wet, and when I went back to the front of the store to finish working, everyone kept asking me about it."

My mother refrained from telling her young coworker how gross it was to lie down on a bathroom floor, wet, dry, or otherwise. She just listened.

Eventually, someone reported the woman's actions to management. It was probably one of the fed-up janitors. A manager sat the exercising employee down and explained that it wasn't acceptable to keep exercising on the bathroom floor for a variety of reasons, including that she had been doing her pushups, leg lifts, and crunches while getting paid for it. "You should join a gym and exercise when you're not on the clock," the manager told her.

My mother said the woman's workday workouts ended shortly thereafter.

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