Bridezilla refuses to allow her bridesmaid to wear dreadlocks extensions at wedding

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Two sisters, one a bride and the other a bridesmaid, battle over dreadlocks ahead of the big day.

It's a tale almost as old as time. A future bride has given her sister an ultimatum if she wants to serve as a bridesmaid at her upcoming wedding.

The dreadlocks have to go.

A bride-turned-bridezilla is trying to control one of her bridesmaids by demanding the woman leave her dreadlocks behind on the day of the wedding. The dreadlocks in question are not the bridesmaid's natural hair but rather "quite expensive" extensions. And the bridesmaid is also the sister of the bride.

According to Daily Mail, the dreadlocked bridesmaid took to Mumsnet's popular message board Am I Being Unreasonable? to vent about the issue and find some advice. The beleaguered bridesmaid explained her dilemma:

Basically I'm a bridesmaid for my sister next year, I wear dreadlock extensions, they're quite expensive and they need fitting in every few months. My sister has said to me she or should I say "told" me that I'm not having dreads in for her wedding... granted I won't because it's her day, but my boyfriend thinks she's out of order because he thinks she's basically telling me to not be myself. What do you think? He recons [sic] I should say something but I don't think I want to cause agro [sic] and would rather her just be happy on her day, not that my hair should make her otherwise... she was a bit cheeky about it because I did tell her that they're expensive and was hoping she wouldn't bring them up, but she replied with "money can't buy taste" hmm

While the bridesmaid says she chose her sister's happiness over her dreadlocks extensions, the bridesmaid's boyfriend has other ideas. The Mumsnet message states he wants her to "say something," even after she agreed to comply with her sister's request.

Which is the greater problem? Is it the bride who refuses to allow her sister to wear dreadlocks extensions during her duty as a bridesmaid, or is it the bridesmaid's boyfriend who wants her to confront her sister over an issue that's already settled?

Here is a sample of the responses the bridesmaid has received so far.

Nobody is going to think it's reasonable for someone to tell another person how to have their hair for a wedding! It's crackers.
You are her sister not a prop for her insta [sic]. Of course you shouldn’t change yourself for her pictures.
My aunt wanted me as a bridesmaid but didn't want me to have my pink hair. I just changed it, then switched it back after the wedding.

One of the most interesting responses came from a woman who was in a similar situation. Her sister refused to allow her to wear eyeglasses as a bridesmaid, and the commenter complied. As a result, she wound up squinting in the wedding photos and having a headache by the end of the day. She wrote:

Personally, I'd decline to be a bridesmaid. My sister insisted I didn't wear my glasses when I was her bridesmaid. I've a minus 9 prescription so I'm squinting like mad in all the photos, got a terrible migraine from it, threw up at the reception due to the migraine and my dad had to take me home. I didn't get a choice in her mad decision at the time as I was a kid and mum never said no to her on anything but there's no way I'd agree to it now.

And what about the original issue of the dreadlocks extensions themselves? Surely the bride knew her sister considered her hair part of her identity before she asked her to be an integral part of her wedding.

What would you do? Comments are open.

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