My father's best friend kissed my mother at his anniversary party

Tracey Folly

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by my mother who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.

Fortunately, their spouses never found out about it.

My mother always suspected my father's best friend had feelings for her. She said he always looked at her with an expression in his eyes that she didn't like.

Since my father was always a jealous person, my mother tried to avoid his best friend as much as she possibly could. She didn't want any trouble.

When my father's best friend and his wife invited my parents to their anniversary party, my father accepted for both of them. My mother was dismayed, but she figured nothing could go wrong. After all, there was no possibility of her being left alone with my father's friend, or so she thought.

The night of the anniversary party came, and my parents arrived together at the restaurant where it was being held. Neither of them was drinking, so they both stayed away from the bar. They huddled together at a dark table in the corner, putting in their time before they could say goodbye and take their leave.

My parents have never been party people.

Just as they were preparing to leave, my father's best friend stopped by the table where they were sitting. To my mother's horror and dismay, it was the exact moment my father excused himself to use the facilities in preparation for the long drive home.

My mother made small talk with my father's friend. Her eyes frantically searched the room for the man's wife, but she came up short. That's when he kissed her.

She said it felt like it happened in slow motion. Yet she couldn't dodge him fast enough. Their lips met.

My mother recoiled. She can't remember what she said or did next, but the guest of honor left her at the table and went to find his wife. My mother saw them dancing together a minute later.

They were laughing and looking into each other's eyes like he hadn't just kissed another woman. Of course, his wife didn't know. Fortunately, she hadn't seen what transpired, either. Apparently, no one had. The only two people who knew about the kiss were the two people who experienced it.

My mother said nothing to my father about what had just happened. She prayed no one had seen and that no one would tell him.

Her prayers were answered. They left without anyone saying a word to either of them about it.

It's been many years since that incident. My mother says she can laugh about it now, but she wasn't laughing when it happened. She was terrified of getting in trouble even though she hadn't done anything to encourage the kiss; she hadn't even kissed him back.

No harm. No foul.

Even though she sees the humor in the situation after all this time, she still hasn't told my father what happened. He's better off not knowing.

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