I called my husband's girlfriend's mom and told her about their affair

Tracey Folly

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events I experienced firsthand; used with permission.

I swear it was an accident.

I had no idea my husband was cheating on me.

Then one day, I pushed the redial button on our kitchen landline, and everything changed.

The last phone call I had made was to my mother. When I lifted the handset to my ear and pressed that redial button, I thought I was calling her.

I didn't know my husband had made a phone call after I called my mother earlier that day, and I certainly didn't know he had placed a call to his girlfriend's house.

To be more specific, my husband had called his girlfriend's mother's house.

So when a woman answered the phone when I pushed redial, I assumed it was my mother who answered. In reality, it was not my mother. It was my husband's girlfriend's mother.

"Hello?" she said.

"Ma?" I replied.

I still thought it was my mother, but she didn't sound like my mother. Something was off. I just didn't know what it was.

"Yes," the other woman's mother replied.

"Ma?" I said again. My voice was louder this time because I felt confused.

"Yes," she said again. "It's me. Are you okay?" She sounded frantic.

Then she called me by the other woman's name, and that's when it all clicked into place. I knew the other woman tangentially. She frequented the same diner as my husband. She was always around. She was always there.

And now he was calling her from the landline phone in our kitchen that I paid for.

I hung up on her mother, but first I had a few parting words.

"Did you know that your daughter is having an affair with my husband?"

I smashed the phone back onto its receiver so hard that I'm surprised it didn't break. My heart raced in my chest. I felt like I was going to faint.

Now, I can't even remember if I confronted my husband when he got home. That part of my memory is missing.

That's the funny thing about memory. I can remember the exact spot in my old apartment where I was standing when my husband's girlfriend's mother answered the phone. I know her full name, her hometown, and the sound of her mother's voice, but I can't remember a single word my husband and I may have exchanged on the topic afterward.

Is it possible that I never even confronted him at all? I think so.

Many years have passed since then. There were many more affairs, and there were plenty of confrontations about my husband's indiscretions. However, I can't be sure we discussed the time I pushed redial and was surprised when his affair partner's mother answered the phone.

The thing I remember most about the incident was the worried tone in the other woman's mother's voice. She was clearly concerned for her daughter, and I can't say I blame her at all. I would have been worried about her, too.

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