My husband ditched the payments for my diamond engagement ring so I got stuck paying them myself

Tracey Folly

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events I experienced firsthand; used with permission.

I didn't own a diamond engagement ring before my husband and I got married. What I had instead was a thin gold band with a tiny diamond chip that was barely visible to the naked eye. It didn't matter. We got married anyway.

A year later, my husband looked into my eyes and said, "I think it's time for you to have a real diamond ring. You deserve it."

I was flattered. It wasn't that I didn't like my tiny diamond chip, but I had to admit that a "real" diamond sounded even better. Somehow, it seemed more romantic to have a larger diamond on my finger.

"Let's go to the jewelry store right away," he said. "I want to buy you a nice ring."

I agreed.

We bundled into his pickup truck and drove to the nearest jewelry store, where we looked at a variety of rings before I decided upon a modest diamond solitaire surrounded by rubies and smaller diamonds. It was very pretty.

My husband made the down payment on the ring, and we left my new diamond on layaway with the promise to make weekly payments.

I watched the clerk slide my ring into an envelope with my name and other pertinent information written on it and place it inside a locked drawer. That's where my diamond would remain until my husband paid the bill in full.

Butterflies filled my stomach on the entire ride home. I had never owned anything as beautiful, or as expensive, as that ring.

A week passed, and my husband failed to make the next layaway payment on the ring.

I could pay it myself, I thought, but he did say it was a gift. He said he wanted to buy it for me. He said he'd pay for it.

Another week passed, and my husband failed to make the next layaway payment on the ring.

The store called. They wanted to know whether I'd be making the past-due payment or if I would like them to put the ring back in the display case.

I told them I would make the past-due payment.

By the time I visited the store to make the past-due payments, there were three of them due. I paid them all and gently reminded my husband that another payment was coming down the tracks in just one week.

My husband failed to make the next layaway payment on the ring.

After four missed installments, I admitted defeat and began making the weekly payments myself. Once a week, on Friday afternoon after work, I drove to the jewelry store alone and paid the clerk.

Once I completed making all the payments, I picked up the ring alone and placed it on my own ring finger. It was almost like marrying myself, which as it turned out was the only person upon whom I could rely.

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