Man ditches his date at a movie theater by excusing himself to use the bathroom and sneaking out the back door

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*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by the man who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.

I dated a man who once ditched his date at a movie theater.

My ex-boyfriend thought he was justified in excusing himself to use the bathroom while on a date at a movie theater before sneaking out the back door and leaving his date to wonder what happened. It all happened shortly before he and I began dating.

He and his friend made plans to see a movie. It was not a date; it was just two guys planning to see a film together. However, when he arrived at the movie theater to meet his friend, his friend was not alone. There were two women with him.

My ex-boyfriend had never met the two women who accompanied his friend to the movie theater. He felt surprised and a little annoyed that they were there.

Things grew worse when he realized he was on a surprise double date. He hadn't agreed to those terms. Making small talk with strangers wasn't his thing, and the movie wasn't starting for another half hour.

He tried to make the best out of an awkward situation. After buying soda and popcorn, he sat with his surprise blind date in the movie theater and attempted to slouch quietly in his chair to eat his snacks until the film began.

His female companion had other ideas. She tried to share his popcorn and drink his soda, which made him feel even more annoyed.

He didn't know whether she thought he was a willing participant in their date. From the way she kept planting her fist in his bucket of popcorn, he figured she thought he was into it. He wasn't.

Before the movie started, he was already looking for a way to escape.

Leaving both his remaining popcorn and his soda pop in her capable hands, he excused himself to use the men's room.

He tried not to run.

Once he was out of her sight, he made a left turn past the men's restroom and pushed open the back door that led to the parking lot of the movie theater. Then he got into his car and left, telling no one, not even his friend.

My ex-boyfriend laughed when he told me this story. He acknowledged that the woman in question had done nothing wrong. It was his own friend who had set him up for failure by arranging a surprise blind date with no warning. He hadn't even dropped a hint.

I asked him whether his impromptu exit upset his friend.

He said his friend laughed about it, and he never had to see his "date" again. So it wasn't all bad except he was out the price of a ticket for a movie he didn't get to see and he missed out on his half-eaten popcorn and half-drunk soda.

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