Woman neglects her son to cheat on her husband

Tracey Folly

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events I experienced firsthand; used with permission.

I'm ashamed to say this woman tricked me into helping her neglect her son to cheat on her husband.

Years ago, my neighbor and I both had family members in the same hospital. Since she didn't have a car, I agreed to drive her to the hospital so she could visit her son while I visited my uncle; but she tricked me and never actually visited her son at all. Instead, she met with the man with whom she was having an affair.

I had inadvertently helped her cheat on her husband while neglecting her hospitalized son.

My neighbor's pre-teen son had gotten into an accident on his skateboard and shattered his femur. Surgeons drove metal pins into the boy's leg to hold the decimated bone together. The boy was in traction.

On a different floor of the same hospital, my uncle was recovering from open-heart surgery. He had a quadruple bypass and doctors didn't expect him to survive. My uncle lived for thirty more years, surviving both a second open-heart surgery and multiple bouts with cancer before finally succumbing to bone cancer at ninety years old.

Allowing my neighbor to ride to the hospital with me seemed only mildly inconvenient. The knowledge that I was helping her visit her young son while he recovered from his injuries softened any inconvenience.

It annoyed me when my neighbor took so long to get ready to leave for the hospital that she made me late, but I suffered in silence. I wanted to help her and her son.

My neighbor surprised me by getting dressed up to visit her son in the hospital. There isn't anything wrong with wearing a dress, high heels, and a face-full of makeup to visit a hospital patient, but her attire seemed out of place.

I first suspected something was wrong when we arrived at the hospital, and my neighbor seemed suddenly in a hurry to rush inside, but I attributed it to her wanting to see her son. She got off the elevator at the floor below mine, and I watched her stride down the entire length of the corridor before the elevator doors closed again.

This repeated for several days.

Later in the week, I arrived at my uncle's room and learned he had gone for tests. So I stopped at my neighbor's son's room after asking for directions at the nurse's station. I wanted to see whether she would leave the hospital early. If not, I figured I'd visit with her and her son for a while.

That's how I discovered her duplicity.

When I arrived at her son's bedside, he was happy to see me. He told me that no one had visited him in the days since he began his hospital stay. "Have you seen my mother?" he asked me.

I felt confused, but I didn't want to let him know that. After questioning him gently, I determined that his mother had never actually made it to his hospital room despite my giving her daily rides to the hospital. I stayed with the boy until it was time to meet his mother outside the front door of the hospital, our usual meeting place, and I confronted her.

She confessed to taking this opportunity to meet her affair partner far from our neighborhood, where she feared her husband might catch her.

Every day when we entered the hospital, she walked from the elevator to the stairwell, hurried back downstairs to the lobby, and exited into the parking lot where her affair partner was waiting. Then she returned just in time to meet me outside the front door without ever actually visiting her son.

I convinced her to visit her son, especially if she wanted any more rides to the hospital from me. From that day forward, I walked her directly to her son's hospital room before going upstairs to visit my uncle. Her affair was none of my business, but if I was going to drive her to the hospital to visit her son, then she was going to visit her son.

Otherwise, she wasn't getting another ride from me.

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