Teen warns dad's girlfriend about his toxic dating patterns and successfully splits them up

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16-year-old girl asks a popular subreddit whether she was wrong for spilling the beans about her dad's dating history.

A teen girl has turned to the Internet, specifically a popular subreddit known as AITA, to help her decide whether she was wrong for warning her dad's much younger girlfriend about his toxic dating history and successfully scaring her off for good. Nearly 800 Redditors have weighed in on the situation thus far, and the vast majority of them seem to be taking this concerned teen's side.

Reddit user u/Merseymoys wrote that she is sixteen years old, and her father is forty-five. Her dad enjoys dating younger women, and his recent girlfriend was just twenty-one.

She said her father prefers the company of women who are no older than twenty-three, and his last lady-friend could pass for a high school student--although she was in her early twenties. So the teen decided to warn the young lady about her dad's dubious ways.

I told her that if she's looking for a long term thing, she won't get it from my dad because he'll definitely dump her before she turns 24 like every single other woman he's ever dated and then he'll call her a pathetic clingy mess behind her back.

Initially, the woman didn't believe the teen's warning, but something about it must have rung true because she had a change of heart. The man's sixteen-year-old daughter explained:

I didn't think she believed me, because at the time she laughed it off and said it was different with her, but I guess she thought about it and she ended up dumping him yesterday...

Unfortunately for the teen, her father's now ex-girlfriend appears to have told him what his daughter said because he's upset with her. As for her, she believes he should behave better if he doesn't want her to think poorly of him.

The implication seems to be if he behaved better then she wouldn't have "told" his girlfriend on him, which makes sense. If he didn't have a history of toxic behavior and dating patterns, then his daughter wouldn't have had a tale to tell.

So was she wrong to tell his girlfriend that she was in a dead-end relationship sure to end before she reached the age of twenty-four? Or should the teen have stayed out of her father's adult relationships and allowed the chips to fall where they may?

On the one hand, there wasn't a reason for the sixteen-year-old to meddle in her father's romantic affairs, but on the other hand, the truth is always a valid defense. If she was telling her father's girlfriend the truth, then it was up to the woman to decide what to do with the information.

If their relationship wasn't strong enough to weather the truth, it certainly wasn't the teen's fault. Was it?

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