Husband destroys wife's flowers after learning she doesn't want to work on their marriage

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First, she agreed to attempt reconciliation, then she decided she preferred another man, and that's when things got ugly.

A story attributed to Reddit user u/DifficultSitch2021 is garnering plenty of attention after the man confessed to destroying his wife's flowers before storming out of their home. While most Redditors seem to agree that the husband was not wrong for what he did, an official consensus hasn't been reached yet.

Here's what happened. The Reddit user explained his wife was flirting with one of her coworkers during a time when they were experiencing marriage troubles. She confessed that she'd been unhappy for a year and was planning to leave him.

The couple tried marriage counseling, and then they tried a temporary separation. They decided to stay apart for a month, during which they agreed to date other people. While the man wasn't interested in dating, his wife took full advantage of the opportunity. She began seeing one man in particular, but she also began texting her husband to tell him she missed him.

Her messages gave him false hope.

The wife agreed to work on their marriage. So the husband arrived back at the home they once shared; he had high hopes, but things didn't work out the way he expected. As he explained:

So, yesterday morning, I’m going into thinking we’re about to spend the day together happily. Instead, I walk in, she has a dozen roses from the guy she spent the weekend with on our bedside table and she told me I misunderstood everything she said the past week. That she didnt [sic] want to work on it and that she deleted her dating app because she found a guy she liked.
Things broke down badly. I went off. I said some really awful things and I left. I came back later, she was gone, and I proceeded to rip those flowers to shreds and throw them all over the bed and floor. And then left.

That's how the man ended up asking the Internet whether he was wrong for destroying his wife's flowers, flowers another man had bought her, but was he really at fault?

On the one hand, he destroyed another person's property, and that's always inexcusable. However, the damage he did was minimal under the circumstances, and if his wife hadn't given him mixed signals, they could have avoided the entire scene.

It's unfortunate that his wife, their children, and the man's sister-in-law all walked into the home together after he wrecked the flowers and tossed them around the house. It's certainly not something the children needed to see. They're probably having enough difficulty with their parents' marital problems and subsequent split without seeing the evidence of their father's anger, even if it was justifiable.

Was it justifiable? Was there a better way for the man to express his displeasure and disappointment than by destroying his wife's property, as fleeting as flowers may be?

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