Man ditches his date at restaurant without a ride home after she uses racial slur

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Was he wrong for abandoning his racist date without giving her a ride home?

The jury of public opinion is still deliberating.

A story on the popular subreddit known as AITA is gaining steam after a man admitted to dumping his date at a restaurant and leaving without telling her. While most Redditors seem to agree that the man was not wrong for his actions, the official ruling hasn't been posted yet.

Here's what happened. The man, Reddit user u/Ankit1000, who describes himself as "Doctor. Weightlifter. Cook. Love gaming, reading and all things foodie" and has been a registered user on Reddit since 2014. He is a man of Indian descent.

The man met a woman at the gym and developed a crush on her. Then he asked her on a date and took her to a Korean barbecue restaurant, where his date immediately began acting spoiled and entitled. After being rude to their elderly waitress, she became even more obnoxious.

"My god this place is a nightmare, all these useless immigrants (shes [sic] white) come into the country and don't even work and eat up our tax dollars. Are they even legal?" [she asked]. And she said it loudly enough that a nearby table of brown people in their 20s started giving her dirty looks and whispering to each other. She notices this and goes "same goes for these insert racist word for people of Pakistan." At this point my jaw dropped. I'm INDIAN and she used this in front of me. She saw my expression and went "oh no I don't mean Latinos they're fine. I LOVE Mexican food."

Here's what the man did next. He waited until after dessert, excused himself to use the bathroom, and then paid the bill including a sizable tip. Then he abandoned the woman at the restaurant without telling her, even though he was her ride. To top it all off, he blocked her phone number so she wouldn't be able to contact him.

The majority of responders to the man's query agree that he was not in the wrong for ending the date and deciding never to see her again, which frankly seems like a smart idea.

However, an argument can be made that the man was wrong for ditching his date without a safe ride home. While one might assume the young lady in question was perfectly capable of finding her own ride home via Uber or Lyft, we don't have enough information to guarantee her ability to get home safely.

What if her cellphone battery died and she couldn't use the Uber or Lyft app? What if she didn't have a credit card or enough available credit to pay for rideshare? What if there weren't any drivers on duty in her area?

There are a variety of reasons the woman in question might have had difficulty securing a safe ride home after being left at the restaurant. Of course, none of those reasons was her date's concern.

There's no excuse for being a racist or using a racial slur at a restaurant, or anywhere else, but is that an excuse for leaving your date at a restaurant without a ride home?

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