One sister married him while the other sister waited on the sidelines for her chance to get him all to herself

Tracey Folly

She was in love with her brother-in-law, and then her sister died.

*based on a true story as told by family

Once upon a time, there were two sisters who were in love with the same man. The younger sister dated him first. Unfortunately for her, the older sister stole him away and married him. After they got married, they had a family.

This turn of events understandably upset the younger sister. After all, she had dated him first. “I will end up with him at the end,” she told anyone who would listen, but she still loved her older sister, even if her jealousy tainted that love.

She wanted her sister to be happy; she just didn’t want her sister’s happiness to come at her own expense.

Eventually, the younger sister also married, and everyone who knew about the two sisters and their shared love of one man thought that would be the end. It wasn’t. She still watched from the sidelines, waiting patiently for her chance to get him back.

Sadly, doctors diagnosed the older sister with cancer; the prognosis was not good. Doctors gave her less than six months to live.

Her younger sister did everything she could to help, and that included moving in with her sister and her former romantic partner. She left her own husband in order to rush to her sister’s side and live with her and the love interest they once shared.

She cared for her ailing sister; she couldn’t nurse her back to health, but she worked hard to make her comfortable as she battled cancer.

Living in such proximity to her former flame had predictable results. While she was taking care of her dying sister’s every need, she fell in love all over again. Her brother-in-law reciprocated her feelings, and they reignited their love affair with her sister near death under the very same roof.

When the older sister finally succumbed to her illness, the younger sister remained in the house with her ex-boyfriend turned brother-in-law… now turned de facto husband. She took over her sister’s role as his wife, even though they didn’t marry.

It might sound like a sad story with a happy ending if it weren’t for one problem. The man who had caught the attention of two sisters in their youth was an abusive alcoholic and addict who was nearly as mean when he was sober as he was when he drank.

He was a dangerous man and an even worse husband. He splintered furniture like firewood. He used his fists to punish her for sins she hadn’t even committed. He blackened her eye. He broke her arm. He made her sorry she had ever met him.

She told her friends and family members that her recently deceased sister was the lucky one because she had escaped his grasp forever. She didn’t know how to leave him herself. She felt trapped, and she cursed her luck and the choices that had brought her there.

It was a perfect example of thinking the grass was greener on the other side of the fence, or why you should be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

The good news is that she did eventually leave him, and when she did, she left him forever— just like her sister.

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