He had an affair with his wife's best friend right under her nose

Tracey Folly

When my uncle found love in the arms of another woman, no one expected she would be my aunt's closest friend.

*based on a true story

My uncle and aunt were young newlyweds, but they spent very little time alone together. That’s because my aunt had a close friend with whom she spent all her time, and it didn’t matter that she was a married woman now. She and her best friend could not be parted.

That’s how my uncle found himself on dates with two women, his wife and her very best friend. At first, the situation annoyed him. Couldn’t he just spend some time alone with his wife? Did her friend need to accompany them on date night?

He even contemplated divorce, but slowly the tides turned.

The change started when the trio went to the drive-in movies on a Saturday night. They sat in my uncle’s Cadillac with my aunt in the middle as a human buffer zone, but when she returned from the snack bar, the seating arrangement had changed.

My uncle was in the middle seat.

Things were never the same after that.

My uncle no longer objected to his wife’s best friend accompanying them on their dates. In fact, he rather liked it. He grew to like her, too, and the feeling was mutual.

It wasn’t long before they became involved in a fully-fledged polyamorous relationship with one problem. There was nothing ethical about their non-monogamy. Only two of the three knew they were polyamorous.

When the secret finally came out, there was an ugly scene. A bitter fight erupted between my aunt and uncle. It took several months before they made up, but they did. This is what happens when people have secrets; the tension builds until someone explodes in a rage, and then the broken pieces can be put back together again.

A few months later, things were much better between my aunt and uncle, and my aunt’s best friend was history.

I learned this from listening to their conversations, which I often eavesdropped on when my parents took me to visit. 

“You know you love me,” she would say to him over and over again. “I’m your wife.”

In return, he’d tell her she was beautiful.

“I love you so much,” he’d say to her. “I want to spend time with you every day.”

They were still living together, but the mood was definitely different. They rarely fought anymore.

So why am I telling you all this? Because if we are going to find our way through life, we need to talk openly and honestly with each other. We must share our thoughts and feelings with one another.

We must open ourselves up to others, especially those closest to us.

If you don’t do that, you’re going to end up miserable.

And I think that’s what happened to my uncle before he lost his way and had an affair with my aunt’s best friend right under her nose. Fortunately, they found their way again, together, without my aunt’s best friend.

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