The pregnant bride tattooed her wedding date on her chest before the groom proposed

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It was a bold move that paid off; they're still married and happier than ever today.

Of all the weddings I attended with my family--and all the brides in all their multi-layered taffeta glory--my favorite was the wedding whose bride had tattooed her wedding date high on her chest, above the collarbone, before she and the groom were even engaged.

Growing up, there was nothing I liked more than attending weddings. I loved watching the brides in their white wedding gowns, the grooms in their tuxedos, and the wedding party in their respective attire. I especially loved the wedding receptions with live bands or a disc jockey booth in the corner of the dance floor that took song requests.

There was nothing like the meals served at wedding receptions, except maybe the desserts that came afterward. To this day, the thought of a white wedding cake with thick buttercream frosting makes my mouth water, and there was one blushing bride I'll never forget.

The bride with her wedding date tattooed above her collarbone was a stunning dark-haired beauty, who learned she was pregnant quite by surprise shortly after she and her boyfriend began dating. Since the pair of them were very much in love, she didn't see a problem. After all, a baby was a blessing, and she was more than willing to accept another blessing into her life.

She decided she and the soon-to-be father-of-her-child should get married as soon as possible. It didn't matter that they weren't actually engaged; it didn't even matter that they had never discussed marriage.

It was time for them to start planning.

First, she just had to put the wheels into motion. So here's what she did. She consulted her calendar, picked a summer day in June that would be just right for her wedding, and then had that date inked prominently on her skin where her button-down shirts or v-neck sweaters would provide a perfect view.

It wasn't until after being permanently decorated with the date of her wedding that she approached the love of her life to discuss it. He was confused at first. Then he was shocked. He threw back his head and laughed. "I guess we're getting married in June," he said.

And so they did.

I remember the wedding like it was yesterday. My favorite part was when the newlywed couple told the story of the bride's tattoo. It was the most romantic thing I had ever heard in my young life.

To this date, I don't think I've ever heard a better tribute to a bride's confidence and a groom's love.

Their first child arrived a few short months later, and the story has a happy ending. Rather, their story hasn't ended yet. The tattooed bride and the father of her child are still happily married and going strong decades later.

The father of her child has become the grandfather of her grandchildren, and she still proudly bears the date of their wedding inked across her chest, just above her collarbone for all to see.

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