Her husband didn't suspect an affair until his cheating wife suffered a 2-day dizzy spell

Tracey Folly

Take one unfaithful wife, add an unexpected dizzy spell and an unplanned hospitalization, and what do you get?

You might think that a bunch of librarians who worked in the public library directly across the street from the local elementary school would be a quiet bunch, but nothing could be further from the truth.

When my mother worked as a part-time librarian, she and her coworkers spent much of their downtime working on crafts and gossiping about their lives. It was during that time my mother learned one of her coworkers was having an affair.

The woman, who was actually my mother's boss, was married to a man who had no idea about her infidelity thanks to the nature of her job. So how did a job as a head librarian help this woman to cheat on her unsuspecting husband?

Part of her job duties included traveling to different libraries throughout the state. Sometimes she would cover shifts at other locations. Sometimes she would pick up and deliver books that patrons of other libraries had requested.

At no time was she accessible by phone.

You see, this was before the days of the omnipresent cellphone. So she could be anywhere, and her husband would have no expectation of being able to reach her, and back then, that was not only okay. It was perfectly acceptable.

Back then, we didn't know the difference.

If you went out for a gallon of milk, for example, your spouse couldn't call you to order a loaf of bread or a pack of cigarettes once you left the house. You simply disappeared down the driveway and for all intents and purposes ceased to exist until you returned back home.

So it was with my mother's librarian cohort.

One day, this woman pretended to be doing the rounds of the local libraries, but she was really at the home of her affair partner. Of course, her husband was none the wiser. As far as he knew, his wife was at work, and she would be home once her workday was done.

Unfortunately, that wasn't what happened.

Instead, the woman went to visit her boyfriend, and while she was there, she experienced an extreme dizzy spell that she couldn't shake. She tried sitting down for awhile. Then she reclined. The hour grew later and later, and still she couldn't move her head without waves of dizziness crashing over her.

She didn't feel she could drive home, and she certainly couldn't call her husband from her boyfriend's house to tell him what had happened. So she did the only thing she could think of under the circumstances. She simply didn't go home that night.

Never mind that her husband and her children would be worried about her. She was too dizzy to care.

After forty-eight hours of being incapacitated by her dizzy spell, she threw in the towel. Almost.

She called one of her fellow librarians to rescue her; it was not my mother. Her fellow librarian dropped her off--not at home but at the hospital emergency room, where she received treatment for her bout of vertigo before heading home to deal with the aftermath of her unfortunate night, or two nights, out.

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