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The Art of Target: Brilliant Design Makes Target Stores Recognizable Without Words

Tracey Folly

You can identify any of the following images as belonging to the Target Corporation without seeing the store name on the building.
Interior scene of Target, Seekonk, Massachusetts locationTracey Folly/Author

If you ever go to a place that has the red and white bullseye logo, then you can't miss it. You're in Target now.

You've probably been to a local Target store, but have you really seen a local Target store? Next time you visit one of these ubiquitous stores, challenge yourself to pay attention.

These red-and-white themed retail settings aren't your typical generic utilitarian shopping structures. Many of them have an artistic flair that can't be rivaled even by Target's biggest rival, Walmart.

Target Corporation has some of the best post-modern art you'll see in a retail setting. Its easy identifiability is also brilliant marketing.
Exterior scene of Target, Somerset, Massachusetts locationTracey Folly/Author

Target Corporation is a discount store chain, with stores across the United States. Target merchandise is in the middle to lower ranges of price, and the chain provides steady low prices by keeping replenishment high and trimming costs. The Target logo means If you see it you'll know it's a Target store.

Can you tell where you're shopping just from the bold artistic details, all of which utilize the same bright shade of true red? If you've ever been to a Target retail store, then you'll easily recognize one when you see one again--without seeing the name on the sign.

Here's another one.
Exterior scene of Target, Seekonk, Massachusetts locationTracey Folly/Author

Even the following picture of the local Seekonk, Massachusetts Target store seen through a rainy car window could pass for modern art while still being undeniably Target. That beige and red brick exterior and the large capital letter sign above the front doors are recognizable even with the store name obscured by raindrops. The trademark bullseye logo doesn't hurt either.

Referring to the red and white bullseye logo on the sign, you know that this is a Target store. It is not an old store. It is not a small store. It's not a hardware store. It's not a grocery store.  It is a Target store because it has the red and white bullseye logo on the sign.
Exterior scene of Target, Seekonk, Massachusetts locationTracey Folly/Author

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