Behind the Scenes with a Branson, Missouri YouTube and Newsbreak Creator

Branson YouTube | Behind the Scenes with a YouTube and Newsbreak Creator John takes you into the studio and shares the vision and passion he and Amy have for TPF! Travel on both YouTube and NewsBreak. Check out the behind the scenes setup and hear about John and Amy's journey as creators. Most importantly, hear about how much YOU mean to them as TPFers! Here are the links to the TPF! Travel NewsBreak channel: If you are interested in becoming a NewsBreak creator, go here: Here's a link to the NewsBreak app: #newsbreakcreator

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Trips, Places and FUN are the focus as John and Amy deliver stories that range from vacation pieces to theme parks to local news and other interest pieces. See our other travel related videos at Based in beautiful Branson, Missouri and traveling all over the world, TPF! Travel is your perfect source for news!

Branson, MO

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