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I'm Susie Fergus, the founder of Cathedral Bookkeeping.

You've graced my page with your presence as a visitor, so you're probably wondering how my bookkeeping services can possibly be any different than those of so many others.

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​Even though some people think of me as an “overcomer” or a “survivor” in some way, I know what it’s like to constantly worry about money, even when I was working full-time in a well-funded job.  For many years, especially as I became single again with children to support, the mindset of “there’s not enough” consumed my life.  No matter how I wrote out the budget, how much I cut back on expenses, it always felt like “there’s not enough.”  There was not enough time in the day to earn the not-enough money needed for the bare-bones budget.  There was not enough money in the bank to pay the bills that were inevitable.

I know how painful “not enough” can feel.  And it’s not limited to money.  It shows up as not enough TIME.  Not enough LOVE.  If you’ve ever been in a difficult relationship or conversation, I bet you know this sentence: “No matter what I do, it's never ENOUGH.”

I also know how it feels to be on the OTHER side of that.  When I feel like there’s “enough,”  I feel grounded, I feel peaceful.  I feel POWERFUL.  I wake up knowing that no matter what the day is going to throw at me, I can handle it.  I’ve had countless conversations with therapists, trusted friends, gurus, and mentors about what it means to HAVE enough, DO enough, BE enough.

How does this possibly relate to bookkeeping??  I’m so glad you asked!

Awhile ago I did some very meaningful work with a coach, ostensibly about manifesting a legacy dream that I have carried inside of me for over a decade.   In that coaching journey, I kept bumping up against “not enough.”  Over and over again, “I don’t have enough.”  Oh rats!  I had an Enough Committee in my head, one that acted like a Comptroller regulating everything I ever dreamed could be in my future.  My Enough Committee likes to pretend to be the boss of my money.

Fast forward through a job loss and a love-hate relationship with an oncologist, where I asked myself what I wanted to create NEXT in my life: did I want to work with words or work with numbers?  Instantly I revisited all the work I did to change my relationship with the Enough Committee.  I wanted the next chapter of my life to be about helping others relate to their money (their enough-ness) better.

Can a person crunch number for landscapers, franchise owners, bakeries, massage therapists, and life coaches AND include EASE and MAGIC around those same numbers?  I believe I can, because those numbers in the accounting software tell a story about how YOUR Enough Committee shows up in your business.

Why do I care to share a long, winding story like this so publicly?  

 I want this feeling of POWER and purpose for other people, too, especially business owners who are hustling in pursuit of a dream to make our world a better place because of their service, their widget, their app, their dream.  I promise, your accounting reveals your personality, your habits, and your priorities in ways you would not believe.  And wouldn’t that be a valuable place to hold a meeting of YOUR Enough Committee so that you could dream bigger, enjoy your life more, AND make a difference in the world?

Isn't that why you got into business in the first place....to make a difference in your world? 

If you fantasize about handing the accounting over to someone else, but you're not sure if you CAN, or how you would feel about that big decision, then the free Bookkeeping Strategy Session is a good place to start.  We can get acquainted, and we can assess, without the input of your Enough Committee, what kind of bookkeeping services you need at the present moment.

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