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25th Annual Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards is this weekend in Houston, Texas

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Written by Milton Wallace visiting writ at the Texas African American Museum.

25th Annual Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards

Organizers of top gospel award show, the Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards, will host the 25th edition of the event in February 2023

The team at the Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards, led by the passionate Pastor Larry Davies, has announced the schedule and venue for the forthcoming 25th edition of the annual event. The ballot award ceremony will be held at Houston Hobby Marriott Hotel from February 16 to 19, 2023, featuring fun and exciting activities, including performances from some of the talented artists across the nation.

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There will be two categories of honorees at this event. The first is the Living Legends Award. The Living Legend Award is awarded to a man or a woman who has been in the gospel music industry over 40 years who has demonstrated progressive leadership in his or her perspective area of gospel music. His or her body of work has withstood the test of time and made a positive impact on the industry. 

The second is the Trail Blazer Award. The Trail Blazer Award is awarded to a man or woman who has taken the lead in his or her perspective gospel music area and created opportunities for others to grow and excel as well. They may not be in the spotlight, but you are to see their handywork all over the finished products.

The Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards are honored to recognize the following individuals:

          Living Legends                                                              

Mr. Donald Ray Edwards - Houston, Texas.

Mr. George Faber - Tyler, Texas                     

Dr. Quincy Fielding - Los Angeles, California       

Dr. Susie Jones - Los Angeles, California         

Mrs. Treva Jones - Houston, Texas                       

Mr. Leon Lewis - Houston, Texas                     

Dr. Joyce Logan - Los Angeles, California         

Mr. K. D. Logan - Corpus Christi, Texas           

Mrs. Betty Hawkins McDuffie - Monroe, Louisiana     

McNeil Sisters - San Antonio, Texas

Roberson Brothers - Los Angeles, California

Pastor E. J. Tyson - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Lady Victory Latonya Watson - Dallas, Texas

Mr. J.J. Williams - Houston, Texas

Trail Blazers

Mr. Richard Blue - Dallas, Texas

Mr. Gregory Daniels - Richmond, Texas

Evangelist James Henderson - Dallas, Texas

Mr. Jorad Holmes - Bradenton, Florida

Ms. Natasha Marie - Houston, Texas

Dr. Janice Peterson Townsend - Houston, Texas

Ms. Amber Shaw - Houston, Texas

Mr. Quinten Simon - Houston, Texas

Minister. E.J. Strong - Houston, Texas

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Sources: https://empowermentcdc.org, - TourTylerTexas@gmail.com

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