Smith County Judge Neal Franklin and the County Department Heads recently toured the American Freedom Museum

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Clarence Edmond Shackelford aka "Shabba" and aka "M1Y", is a publicist, and the founder of Tour Tyler Texas and also the Texas African American Museum both programs are under the auspices of the Empowerment Community Development Corporation, which is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit.

The American Freedom Museum in Bullard, Texas on the campus of The Brook Hill School • 1051 N. Houston Street • Bullard, Texas recently hosted the Smith County Department Heads on a tour.
Neal Franklin Thanks to the Brook Hill School and the American Freedom Museum for hosting this month’s Smith County department.Photo byPhoto submitted to Clarence Shackelford


The American Freedom Museum on the campus of The Brook Hill School exists for three reasons:  (1) to honor our veterans and active military and recognize the sacrifices they have made to secure our freedoms, (2) to educate this generation and future generations about our rich heritage, and (3) to inspire others to exemplify the courage and character as those featured in the Museum have done.

Over 20 years ago, it became clear that in most schools teaching American history and instilling in our youth an appreciation for the freedoms we enjoy had taken a back seat to other academic pursuits.  To address this matter, the idea for the American Freedom Museum was born.  It was my desire to create an environment where our history can be learned and experienced through an innovative curriculum that uses original and significant artifacts from our history.

If you like history, you have to check them out! They are open to the public on Wednesdays and Saturdays. For more, visit:


About Empowerment Community Development Corporation

Under the auspices of the Empowerment Community Development Corporation, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit we have 8 flagship programs:

  1. CAR Texas Academy - (CAR = Coding Aeronautics Robotics Academy™) - Stanley Cofer, program director
  2. ENDS - Empowerment Neighborhood Development Services™ - Stanley Cofer, program director.
  3. I Am Beautiful Movement™ - LaToyia S. Jordan, program director.
  4. Small and Minority Owned Businesses Initiative™ - Stanley Cofer, program director.
  5. TAAM - Texas African American Museum™ - Gloria Washington, program director.
  6. Tour Tyler Texas™ - Clarence Edmond Shackelford, program director.
  7. Veterans Banquet - LaRhonda Hamilton, program director.
  8. Learning Pavilion in Wood County - Stanley Cofer, program director.

The City of Tyler donated an old fire station which is 5,070 square feet and 1.8 acres which we use both as a community services center and the Texas African American Museum which is open to the public FREE of charge on Thursdays and Fridays 10A - 2P and also on Saturdays 10A - 4P. Last year a historical community church donated their church to use in Wood County. This year the First Presbyterian Church of Tyler, Texas donated use a 14-passager mini-bus for our Tour Tyler Texas program. Our board president Stanley Cofer and all four-board member oversee our program. Since 2016 we have been putting on annual festivals during the pandemic.

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