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Internet goes wild after fans of the Jetsons say George Joesph Jetson will supposedly be born on July 31, 2022

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The Hanna-Barbera Production animated television series The Jetsons series debuted on Sept. 23, 1962, on ABC. In the show, characters often mention its 21st-century setting in various episodes. George Joesph Jetson is a fictional character and is the patriarch of the Jetson family. He is the husband of Jane Jetson who is 7 years younger and the father of teenage daughter Judy and son Elroy.

Tour Tyler Texas- Photo image submitted to M1Y

Tour Tyler Texas- Photo image submitted to M1Y

While the specific birth date for the show's patriarch was seemingly never revealed, MeTV has said that promotional materials and articles at the time of its premiere set the Jetsons 100 years into the future. Therefore, the show would take place in 2062.

In the first season's fifteenth episode, titled"Test Pilot," George has an existential crisis after he thinks that he is dying, and decides to become a test pilot for a supposedly indestructible suit, ComicBook reported. During the episode, George goes to the doctor, who claims that he should "live to be 150."

Later on, after risking his life in a series of daredevil stunts, George says to his boss, Mr. Spacely, "I've got 110 good years ahead of me." Placing him at 40 years old, 2022 would be the correct birth year for him.

Fictional character biography - George resides with his family and his dog Astro in the Skypad Apartments in Orbit City, in a future with the trappings of science fantasy depictions of American life in the future, such as robot servants, flying saucer-like cars, and moving sidewalks. All the apartment buildings are set on giant poles, resembling Seattle's Space Needle; the ground is almost never seen. In Jetsons: The Movie, it is revealed that they live in the sky due to excess smog.

When George was a child, he had to fly through ten miles of asteroid storms to go to Orbit High School, where he was the star pitcher of its Spaceball team. George is now an employee at Spacely's Space Sprockets, a manufacturer of "sprockets" and other high-tech equipment. His job title is a "digital index operator." His boss is Cosmo G. Spacely, noted for being short in both height and temper; Spacely usually treats his employees (particularly George) in a rather tyrannical fashion. George's job primarily requires him to repeatedly push a single button (or on occasion a series of buttons) on a computer (named RUDI {Short for Referential Universal Digital Indexer} in the 1980s series of Jetsons episodes). George complains of his heavy workload: pushing a button on and off as many as five times for three hours, three days a week. Often, Mr. Spacely will fire George in a fit of anger, only to hire him back by the end of the same episode.

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Tour Tyler Texas- Photo image submitted to M1Y
Tour Tyler Texas- Photo image submitted to M1Y

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Tour Tyler Texas- Photo image submitted to M1Y

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