First "Braver Angels" meeting at April 21 at 6 PM at the Klamath County Library

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"Braver Angels of Klamath County" organizer Chuck Edson is proud to announce the local chapter's very first group meeting will occur Thursday night, April 21st at 6 PM at the Klamath County Library located at 316 Klamath Ave, Klamath Falls, Oregon.
Braver Angels of Klamath County will hold its first meeting at 6 PM, April 21st at the Klamath County Library.Official Logo of Braver Angels

Chuck Edson says we'll be discussing the book "I Never Thought of It This Way– A Fearlessly Curious Conversation Across Urban and Rural Divides" by Monica Guzman. You don't have to have read this book to come and enjoy the discussion with our guest speaker, Jim Walls, whose documentary “The Other Side Of The Hill” will also be referenced.

"I joined this group to help citizens in this county find common ground. Braver Angels is a citizens' organization uniting red and blue Americans in a working alliance to depolarize America. It was launched in 2016."—Chuck Edson

The purpose of meeting is to unite participants in an active attempt to better understand one another's positions and discover shared values. The phrase "Better Angels" was a figure of speech familiar to many citizens in the early 1860s. Abraham Lincoln's inaugural address of 1861, included the phrase “the better angels of our nature” to call forth the notions of enlightenment, calmness, and virtuous judgment—as the best guides to sensible and honorable conduct in any person or nation.

Todd Gessele, Candidate for Klamath County Commissioner #1, has confirmed he will be attending as guest. Gessele has worked internationally with original peoples, tribes, farmers, and leaders on important healthcare initiatives, economic development and community safety issues. Learn more at

We need more first thanksgiving type activities here in Klamath County, like Braver Angels! We ought to be able to engage in civil discourse and be kind so we can work on solutions our community needs. Instant hate and emotional responses that cause us to disengaging from civil duties are unacceptable."—Todd Gessele, Candidate for Klamath County Commissioner #1

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