For Transparency, Gessele & Headley ask that Klamath County's Election Livestream be left on 24/7

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Currently there is only one Klamath County election livestream camera and it isn't scheduled to be on 24/7. Why not?Photo Credit Todd Gessele

Both Todd Gessele and Allen Headley, two of the four candidates running for Klamath County Commissioner #1, recently attended the Mandatory Observer Training at the County Clerk's office, only to discover there is just one camera covering the entire ballot counting operation. And this single livestream will be broadcast, only when live observers are invited to be present.

"Are other counties in Oregon turning off their livestreams too? What happens when election observers are not there and the camera is turned off? The public shouldn't be left to wonder or guess." —Todd Gessele

"There were only about 12 or 13 of us, total, that got trained this year to be election observers in Klamath County," says Allen Headley. "The reason we attended this Mandatory Observer Training was to observe and learn about the measures that have been put in place to improve and protect the election's integrity, not only in Klamath County, but across Oregon. Rochele Long, the Klamath County Clerk, disclosed the integrity measures which are in place, like: changing the locks on the office during the election, using computers and memory sticks which are isolated from the reach of internet hackers, no cell phones allowed in the ballot counting area, and live streaming, but only at scheduled times. Gessele and I both found that last item puzzling."

My question is, "Why don't the cameras roll 24/7 and stay focused on the staff and space where ballots are handled"?—Allen Headley

After speaking Allen Headley, Todd Gessele used his 90 seconds at the County Commissioner's meeting today to inform the sitting Commissioners, Kelley Minte Morris and Derrick DeGroot, that for transparency, the email below was sent to the County Clerk, Rochelle Long asking that Klamath County's Election Livestream be left on 24/7 and that an additional camera angle be added.

April 12, 2022 via email

Rochelle Long,

Thank you for providing me the link to the Election Observation Schedule for Klamath County ( after I and about 11 others attended Klamath County's April 6, 2022 Mandatory Observer Training and were given an educational tour of the County Clerk’s election office setup.

I have studied the Election Observation Schedule and noticed that the Election Livestream is turned on ONLY when trained human observers are invited.
The livestream camera is only on at these scheduled times, not 24/7 from the first ballet till election certification. Why not?Screen shot of the Klamath County Election Observation Schedule

Respectfully and for transparency, I’d like to request that “the livestream be turned on 24/7 in the election office from the time the first ballot arrives till the last ballot is certified."


1.) There is no fiscal impact or known reason to turn off the single camera livestream in Klamath County's Clerk's Office once the first ballot arrives.

2) The Election Observation Schedule has huge date and time gaps. (

3). Klamath County only has maybe 12 newly-trained human observers and the rule is they can only have 1 hours shifts each day as observers. Even if the 12 of us, who successfully completed our training on April 6, coordinated our schedules, we’d unlikely to be able to have a volunteer observer signed up and present during all hours posted on the Election Observation Schedule.

Finally, it is my observation and recommendation that a second camera angle be installed in advance of this election to show the adjudication work station and screen, so the public can see that the individuals, who are determining the voters’ intent, are working together, not solo at all times.

Again thank you for your willingness to work under increased public scrutiny. I join you in striving to be a leader in election transparency with my observations and recommendations.

Can we leave the camera on until the election is certified? Can we add one more camera angle to the livestream page which features the adjudication station?

I look forward to your response to my request for election transparency improvements.


Todd Gessele

503 348-8652


Gessele and Headley await a positive response on or before Tuesday 19th at 10 am from the Klamath County Election Board. Together we encourage citizens in other Oregon counties and across the United States to join us to make sure their election livestream cameras are also running 24/7 from first ballot till certification.

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