The Oregon Voter's Pamphlet is Now Available ONLINE!

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The Oregon Voter's Pamphlet is now available at You can learn more about Todd Gessele, who is running for Klamath County Commissioner #1 at:

Please be sure to vote May 17, 2022.

Todd Gessele is one of four candidates running for the position. What makes Todd Gessele unique is that he, while fairly new to the Klamath Basin, has already involved himself in grant writing, talks with housing developers, farmers, tribal leaders, economic development planners, local recyclers, educators, and he has engaged in efforts solve homelessness, and seeks to grow and attract more local businesses and tourism.

So many of our neighbors, friends and relatives are struggling, hurting, and grasping on to the American Dream. Kindness and thoughtfulness is often lacking.

In this time of great polarization and diversity, Todd wishes to introduce and encourage all of us to be extra kind and respectful of each other!

As a new commissioner, there will be a steep learning curve for whoever is elected. Fortunately, Todd Gessele, like Kelley Minty Morris, who is running for Klamath County Position #2, got his start in journalism. Todd quickly grasps facts and loves asking questions and listening before making recommendations.

Always learning, tomorrow, Todd sits for his Oregon General Contractors Board. Your prayers are appreciated Thursday at 9 a.m.

Todd also serves as the chairperson of Changing the World INC, which exists to help the homeless, veterans, and at risk youth. And is a board member of Impact Hope, which offers refugees educational scholarships. Born in Kansas, Todd, 52, has been an Oregonian 42 years. He has worked a lumber mill, as a landscaper, student recruiter, dormitory dean, at a magazine, and as a video producer, high financier and commodity trader, event photographer, charity evaluator and grant writer.

If elected, Todd Gessele will seek the best and fairest outcomes for each complex challenge that is presented. You may reach Todd at 503 348-8652.

Keep it kind, "So Klamath Rises!"

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Get out and vote! Written by Todd Gessele.Designed Pro Bono by

Get out and Vote May 17, 2022!

Written by Todd Gessele

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