For the first time in four decades, the United States Army released a completely new vehicle.


The new vehicle being used by the U.S. Army is a formidable ground combatant, yet it is not a traditional tank. The American M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank is a common reference point when discussing massive weapons systems. The design of the Army’s main combat tank has stayed mostly unchanged despite several redesigns and upgrades over the years. In fact, it’s been more than four decades before the military even came up with any new vehicle design … until lately, that is. The United States Army revealed in June the newest details of its Mobile Protected Firepower program, which includes the introduction of a brand-new armored vehicle with a really revolutionary design.
U.S. Marine Corps M1

General Dynamics Land Systems, the same company that created the M1 Abrams tank, will develop and produce this lightweight armored vehicle. The MPF looks like a tank or at least an updated version of a tank, much like the luxury but massive Rezvani Tank X SUV. On the other hand, it’s not designed to take the place of the military’s MBTs in the field. So, if that’s the case, then the United States is… What is the army going to use its brand new vehicle for? According to the Army, it’s all about flexibility, effectiveness, and, above all else, strategy.

What Exactly Is a Vehicle with Protected Mobile Firepower?
Vehicle with Protected Mobile

The Abrams tank is a massive 70 tons with a turbine engine producing 1,500 horsepower and a 120mm gun. They’re built to last, but they’re cumbersome and take a while to set up. MPFs, on the other hand, are just 30 tons and have 105mm guns, making them far more maneuverable (via U.S. Army). In the military, MPFs will back up Infantry Brigade Combat Teams (IBCTs), the smallest kind of combat force. Designed to replace the LAV25, the Marine Corps’ current light armored vehicle, these vehicles use tank-like tracks in place of tires and are powered by updated diesel engines with improved thermal viewers, all thanks to GD.

True, it probably won’t be able to stop full-sized tanks, but that’s not the point of MPFs anyhow. The concept stresses the need of lightweight construction, noting that MPFs are expected to be as heavily armed as tanks while yet being small enough to be transported into the battlefield and handled in confined spaces. Like the Cobra Kai moto, the idea behind this is to come out swinging. This necessitates the rapid and effective elimination of lesser enemy units, armored vehicles, and defensive bunkers, giving you the upper hand before the adversary even has a chance to respond. Although the United States uses the MPF designation, this is really just a generic platform moniker that suits the vehicle’s profile. In October, the Army is expected to officially announce its new vehicle design (via Popular Science). After the first MPFs are implemented by the military, in late 2025, the next generation of tanks will go on a diet.

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